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What You Said About Kollo Collagen Supplements

by William Milton

Your Thoughts About Kollo Collagen Supplements Revealed

We recently sent out a survey for our lovely customers to give us some honest feedback about Kollo collagen supplements. The questions revolved around how long you’ve been taking it and what you take it for. We also asked for some information about your experiences, including what it’s helped with and any additional comments you have.

The response has been fantastic! We love our customers and it has made us very happy to see what you have to say about our collagen. In this post, we will give you the lowdown on those responses and share what we’ve learned.

The responses

We had more than 300 people take part in this survey. All of them are verified Kollo customers with real experience of our collagen supplement. Most gave us very welcome feedback and shared their thoughts about their experience and what they would like to see from Kollo Health. We are all about giving our customers what they need, so this information is invaluable to us.

Thank you to all who took the time to participate in the survey.

Length of time taking Kollo collagen supplements

More than three quarters (75.6%) of respondents had been taking Kollo for 3 months or more. This is the point where we expect people to start experiencing the real benefits for their joints and bones. The time it takes to see improvements in your skin is usually considerably less, though it can take 3 months for them to materialise.

It was very encouraging to see this. It meant that most of the responses would be from people who have taken Kollo long enough to see the full range of benefits. We are so pleased to see people taking their collagen so seriously. Our mission was always to inspire people to take back control of their wellbeing.

The main reason for taking Kollo liquid collagen

For this question, we tried to include the full range of reasons why people choose collagen supplements. These include:

  • Overall wellness

  • Joint pain/arthritis

  • Perimenopause/menopause

  • Sports recovery

  • Skin

  • Hair

  • Nails

We also added an option for ‘All of the above’ as this would apply to many. And options for various combinations of these things were included. It turns out that the majority of respondents are seeking help with all these issues. Perhaps this is not surprising, since we know that so many of our lovely customers are women experiencing perimenopause or menopause.

That stage of a woman’s life can bring about so many of the issues that Kollo collagen supplements address. So we are pleased to see so many people coming to us for help with them.

Benefits noticed since starting on Kollo collagen

This is a key one for us – what benefits have you noticed? The main benefits reported in this survey were reduced joint pain and healthier skin (26.3% and 25.4% respectively). These issues are the primary focus of Kollo, and two of the most common symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. So we are very pleased to see so many respondents noticing these benefits.

The other high scorers were stronger nails (14.3%) and healthier hair (9.5%). Other benefits like reduced peri/menopause symptoms, better sleep and more energy were reported by some participants. While this is not a scientific study, it is a strong indicator that our customers are enjoying many of the benefits we are aiming for.

How long until those benefits started to materialise?

Again, this is an important piece of information. We were thrilled to see that an overwhelming 38.4% of participants saw the benefits after just 2 months of taking Kollo collagen supplements. It was even more pleasing to see that 28.6% of respondents saw their benefits after less than 1 month. 19.7% waited 3 months to see results, and small numbers of people reported different periods of time.

Interestingly, only 0.3% of respondents said they had no benefits. This amounts to just one person out of the 300+ responses, so it is clear that Kollo is working for the vast majority.

Comments on the experience

We really enjoyed reading the feedback from individuals. We would love to respond to each one individually, but there are just too many to do that. What we can say is that it warms our hearts to see kind words about our customer service and the pleasant taste of the Kollo collagen drink. These are things we work hard on and many people had good things to say.

There were lots of comments about individual benefits. Whether you have experienced improvements in your skin, joints, hair, nails, energy levels, peri/menopause symptoms or more, we can only share in your joy! You are seizing upon your own freedom and releasing yourselves from the shackles of an ageing body. We hope your Kollo journey is helping you live your best life and that you are following all our advice about maximising the benefits.

Again, thank you to everyone who shared their comments with us – every bit of feedback is valuable to us.

Thoughts about what we could add to Kollo

There were some interesting responses in this section. Many people said they didn’t feel anything needed to be added. There were also many that said they didn’t know. But some people had some interesting suggestions that we will be exploring.

We noticed some people recommending Vitamin B12 or other B vitamins. These are actually already included in the formula – in fact, we put 100% of your RDA of Vitamin B12 into our Kollo collagen drink. Other good suggestions included:

  • Vitamin D

  • Hyaluronic acid

  • Omega 10

  • Magnesium

  • Calcium

  • Glucosamine

  • Iron

We will certainly be taking these suggestions into consideration. However, our collagen supplement needs to remain focused on boosting collagen. We are aware of the importance of certain minerals as well as the vitamins we already implement. We also understand the merits of enhancing certain key benefits like joint strengthening or skincare. So we thank the participants for these contributions and will take everything to the drawing board as we move forward.

Products you’d like to see from Kollo Health

As we look to expand our offerings to the wellness sector, your thoughts about what you would like to see are important. We noticed a number of suggestions about skincare products and supplements. There were also many responses about things for joints and various other nutrient-specific supplements.

All of this feedback is invaluable and we thank you for all of it. We can assure you that we have plans in motion to increase our product range. And we are exploring other opportunities to better serve you and your wellbeing. Stay tuned to Kollo Health as we have big ideas and even bigger plans to help you live your best life!

A few choice reviews of Kollo's Premium Collagen Supplement

Amazing Product... life-changing.

I'm 44 years old but have severe Osteoarthritis in the spine, knees and feet. I have 6 different medications and patches to ease my pain which i dont like taking. Im a working mum and have two teenage daughters. I suffered with brain fog, extreme and fatigue BUT not sny more...pain reduced was by half at least, fatigue was gone, brain fog was gone.....skin was glowing hair was smooth and glossy, and nails growing strong and fast. This will be month 3 of taking Kollo and I love the flavour, the results and VIP points discount. Very happy after spending 1000's on temporary pain reduction prodecures and never getting rid of fatigue to be in less pain is truly life changing....thankyou kollo

Shopper name: Shell

Lovely taste and excellent quality product

The quality of the products is excellent. The taste is lovely. I have been taking this for around 6 weeks and noticed a big difference in my skin, nails energy and joints. I struggle with Osteoarthritis and found that this helps me with joint pain and increased mobility. 

Shopper name: Debra P.

Excellent first 4 weeks

Been using for only 4 weeks but can already feel an improvement in my joints, as I suffer from osteoarthritis in my hips and knees I am happy with this development. My nails are in poor condition and I’m hoping with continued use they will also improve. 

Shopper name: Denise M.

Reduced joint pain - Amazed

Having tried almost everything on the market for painful joints due to perimenopause I tried Collagen almost as a last resort. Kollo with its super high collagen content seemed to be worth a try and I am so glad I did, I am now into week 4 from my first two boxes and I am amazed at how much it has helped my dry skin and my aching joints. I can now actually climb the stairs without having to hold the rail. I also seems to have helped my exhaustion and energy levels so I can only hope that it continues to improve. 

Shopper name: Tracy N.


I started this product in the hope that my joint pain from fibromyalgia and arthritis would be helped as it was so bad. I have now been taking Kollo daily for three weeks and the improvement in my pain is considerable. The movement in my joints especially my knees which had been a major problem is massively improved. I have also had comments that my fine lines have improved and my skin looks healthier. This product is making a huge difference to me and can highly recommend it. Show Less

Shopper name: caroline f.

I was 50 and really feeling it !

I honestly did not think turning 50 would make much of a difference but boy was I wrong. My hair, skin and body just started to feel very different and not my own. I tried HRT but it just didn't suit me. I follow Jenny as I too am a keen runner but this, was slowly slipping away from me too as I had no energy and my joints were always sore. I noticed she was advertising Kollo so had a look. Could this be the something that would help ? Well it really has ! I will admit I was sceptical but after about 2 months I really noticed a difference, especially with my hair which has always been fine, suddenly I had healthier and thicker feeling hair. My joints are no longer as sore and I have noticed my skin isn't as itchy and dry. Kollo may not suit everyone but it certainly suits me. Another plus point I love about this company is, it doesn't seem to be about having customers pay a lot of money. The rewards system is amazing and also the fact that you can defer payments and deliveries, I sometimes forget to take mine every day so have at times built up a little stock so I just don't have a delivery that month. This is something that I really hope Kollo continues with as I'm sure this appeals to many people and is why Kollo is a successful company.

Happy @ 55

I have been on Kollo for 1+ years and having just reached 55 I couldn't feel happier. My skin, hair, nails and joints have all improved. My arthritic knee is also much better. All of this has greatly improved my confidence, which has taken a bashing since menopause hit. I hope to never be without this great little sachet of wonderfulness! Thank you Kollo 💕 

Shopper name: Miche

Bye bye achy joints!

I started taking Kollo because of aching joints….and now after taking it for eight weeks the aches are gone. It’s fantastic! My joints feel happier and my hair, skin and nails are also benefiting! I really wish I’d found Kollo a while ago! Also…it tastes good. I was worried it would taste fishy, but no, it’s a delicious hit of passion fruit. Highly recommend Kollo 

Shopper name: Sasha H.

Miracle Sachet

Kollo is something I’ve been desperate to try but I was worried about the cost of it, it is unfortunately quite expensive. That said I finally took the plunge and started using it for many reasons, but the main reason that I went through a very premature menopause and collagen is supposed to aid the skin, hair and joints (all the things that drastically go downhill after menopause) I’m an extremely active person and my joints were really staring to feel what I put them through. Fast forward 8 weeks of taking Kollo every morning after I get up and the results are definitely noticeable now. My nails were the first sign. They are very strong and healthy, my hair has regrown in places it was going quite thin and also at quite a fast rate. My skin is noticeably fresher looking. My joints feel better when I go for a run and I feel like I recover a lot quicker. Although Kollo takes a while to kick in (took me around 6 weeks to notice a difference) it’s definitely worth trying this little miracle sachet every day.

Absolutely LOVE Kollo!

Absolutely LOVE Kollo! Been taking it now for the last 2 months and I have definitely seen an improvement in my overall health. My hair is healthier, my skin is clearer and my nails are stronger and less likely to split or break. Plus I feel that my joints (which had been playing up since being peri menopausal) have been so much better!! Feel energised with all the lovely vitamins they pack into such a small sachet and the bonus is, it tastes LOVELY!! Highly recommend Kollo and their subscription service is amazing too!

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