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Where is collagen in our body?

by Natasha Whiting

One of the most common questions that we get asked is 'where is collagen present inside the body?'. Knowing where collagen can be found often leads to a greater understanding of what its benefits are and why you should top up your natural production with supplements. So, what parts of the body contain collagen? Let's take a look.


Collagen is present in our bone structure and plays a vital role in helping to retain bone density. It also provides a solid growth structure, which can help with the absorption of energy that keeps us moving. An increase in strength notably prevents bones from breaking too. When combined with minerals such as calcium phosphate, bones are much stronger and healthier. If you suffer from weaker bones, it may be a good idea to mix our premium collagen sachets into your morning juice so that your natural collagen levels receive the added boost they need.


You may also be surprised to know that collagen can also be found within your muscles, making it a great supplement to take if you work out regularly as it can help protect you against muscle tears and damage. Supplements help the body to restore any lost proteins needed for repair and growth through increased muscle anabolism as a result of its high amino acid content.


Collagen is also found in the skin. It acts as a building block that can prevent the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. As we get older, the elastin production in our bodies – and the collagen levels associated with this – tails off, making the skin less stretchy and leading to the signs of ageing. Therefore, it’s important to top up your natural levels by incorporating our Kollo Health premium marine collagen sachets into your daily routines. It leads to a gradual youthfulness that is characterised by reduced signs of ageing as well as bouncy, glowing skin. For more information on where collagen is present in the body and how it can benefit you, contact our team at Kollo Health today.

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