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Collagen boosters or collagen supplements?

by Olivia Coleman

Why are collagen supplements sometimes called collagen boosters?

In some circumstances, ‘collagen booster’ is merely another word for ‘collagen supplement'. For some, the two terms are interchangeable. But the things we call collagen boosters actually differ somewhat from genuine collagen supplements. The basic difference is that collagen supplements revolve around the primary ingredient. This means collagen peptides derived from animal collagen. Collagen boosters, on the other hand, contain a number of amino acids derived from other sources, as well as vitamins and other nutrients. The goal is to feed the processes that create collagen inside our bodies.

Both types of supplements can kickstart and fuel our own collagen production. This is why the two terms are interchangeable for some. But the results differ depending on whether you take a collagen booster or an actual collagen supplement. In this article, we explain why.

How does a collagen booster work?

Our bodies contain a lot of collagen. It is a protein that provides structure to various connective tissues and bone structures. It also helps keep the cellular matrix healthy and well-nourished. When our collagen levels are high, we can expect to have firm, healthy-looking skin, supple joints, strong nails, dense bones and more. But, as we age, our collagen levels naturally decline. This leads to signs of ageing like wrinkles and joint pain.

This is a problem many people seek to address, whether for beauty reasons, health reasons or both. Our bodies retain the ability to create new collagen, but it just happens less as we get older. This is not helped by the fact that it is difficult to get collagen in our diet. We would need to be eating the skin, cartilage and bones of animals.

Collagen consists of chains of amino acids. Many of these are fundamental to fuelling the production of new collagen. These amino acids, like glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, can all come from other sources. But you will never find them in such abundance as if you get them from collagen.

What about collagen boosters? 

This is where collagen boosters come in. They are specially-formulated food supplements that pack in these amino acids. They also include other nutrients that play a role in collagen synthesis, all derived from other sources.

Vegetarian and vegan collagen boosters are some of the most common among these. They derive all those nutrients from plant sources with the goal of helping non-meat-eaters experience some of the benefits of collagen supplementation. Those nutrients enter the bloodstream to stimulate, fuel and maintain collagen production in the body. This can replenish the collagen decline to help fight back against the signs of ageing.

The problems with collagen boosters

A collagen booster may sound like a good option for collagen supplementation. But, in practice, it rarely delivers the results you want without the addition of actual collagen. The main reason is that collagen synthesis from other nutrients is less efficient than from actual collagen peptides. Research shows that the precursor ingredients face various biological barriers to assisting collagen synthesis. This makes them less effective than nutrients that originate from actual collagen. Instead, these nutrients are more effective at fuelling the mechanisms that produce collagen in the body.

Collagen boosters generally revolve around:

  • A vitamin B complex

  • Vitamin C

  • Plant proteins

  • Minerals

The goal is to try and stimulate collagen production. But without the presence of collagen peptides, these ‘pro-collagen molecules’ must knit together to form fibrils. These, in turn, connect together to result in the formation of collagen molecules. This is a long and inefficient process when compared to synthesis using hydrolysed collagen peptides. Kollo provides these bioavailable amino acid chains, providing lots of what you need to produce collagen. It also contains many of the nutrients found in collagen boosters to maximise collagen production.

Other issues with collagen boosters

  • You pay a lot of money for a concentration of nutrients that you could quite easily get from your diet. Things like protein and vitamin C are easy to get from food, whether or not you eat meat. Collagen, meanwhile, is very difficult to get from diet alone. So a supplement with collagen peptides delivers something your food does not.

  • Collagen boosters are notorious for containing bulking agents and artificial ingredients. This is an issue with combining plant-based nutrients from so many different sources. Bulking agents and other fillers are often used to help bind those nutrients together. A true collagen supplement like Kollo does not need all this inferior quality content to deliver its benefits.

The short story is that collagen boosters that don’t contain any actual collagen may not be worth the trouble. Any benefits you experience from them will likely be minimal and no more than what you would achieve by eating a healthy, balanced diet. You want to experience the true anti-ageing benefits of boosting your collagen levels, right? If so, you need to be taking collagen supplements that contain real collagen peptides - like Kollo.

What are the benefits of collagen peptides?

There are two main benefits of collagen peptides. They are bioavailable and packed with an abundance of collagen-fuelling amino acids. These can be easily assimilated and used to form new collagen molecules in your body. Collagen peptides come from animal sources, such as the skin and scales of fish or the hides, bones and cartilage of cows or pigs.

We extract the collagen in these parts of the animal carcass using enzymes or acids. Subsequently, we break it down using a process called hydrolysis, which also uses either enzymes or chemicals. Hydrolysis separates the triple helix of a complete collagen molecule into single chains of amino acids. These are far easier for your body to absorb.

When you consume this hydrolysed collagen, the amino acid chains enter your bloodstream. Next, the process of creating new collagen is swiftly triggered. That new collagen can thus replenish the dwindling supplies in your skin, joints, bones, muscles, organs and anywhere else that needs it.

What benefits can this yield?

  • Greater firmness and reduced appearance of wrinkles in the skin

  • Better hydration for skin cells

  • Healthier, less inflamed joints

  • Thicker, fuller hair and nails

  • Increased bone density

  • Gains in muscle mass

  • Boosted energy levels and enhanced sleep

  • Improved gut health

Supplementation with collagen peptides has yielded benefits for many people. They include those who suffer from skin conditions like eczema and acne, joint issues like osteoarthritis and bone concerns like osteoporosis. It has provided relief for women struggling with symptoms of menopause. It has even had benefits for people who struggle with mental health concerns like anxiety and depression.

Athletes have experienced benefits for their training and sports performance. Ultimately, countless people have enjoyed the perks of looking and feeling more youthful as a result of collagen peptides. You need only head over to the Customer Reviews section of our website. Here, you can read and watch countless first-hand experiences of a high-quality collagen supplement.

The best alternative to basic collagen boosters

If you want to experience the pinnacle of what collagen supplementation has to offer, Kollo is one of the best options on the market. In less than three years of existence, we have won many awards. We have appeared on television and received thousands of 5-star reviews. Our product has also attained 'Informed Sport' certification and earned ‘Amazon’s Choice’ status.

Kollo sets itself apart from the competition by following the science and putting the customer front and centre. For starters, we use premium marine collagen from a trusted source. It has extremely high purity and integrity and superb sustainability. Marine collagen is exclusively type I collagen, which is the most abundant in our bodies. It also has a high molecular similarity to human collagen. This means it is the most bioavailable and easiest for our bodies to harness for creating new collagen.

We suspend that collagen in a liquid formula that also contains B vitamins, vitamins C and l-lysine (all of which are collagen boosters). We also add natural tropical flavouring to ensure the drink tastes delicious. Simply dilute with water and drink it – it couldn’t be easier to add to your daily routine.

Other advantages of a liquid suspension

  • It’s easy to provide a consistent dosage with each serving. We add 10 grams of collagen peptides. The science tells us this is enough to experience all the desired benefits of collagen supplementation.

  • It further enhances the bioavailability of the collagen peptides since your body doesn’t have to break anything down to access them.

For those passionate about sustainability, it may reassure you to know that all our packaging is fully recyclable. This includes the sachets. We care about the planet just as much as we care about your collagen levels, so we emphasise both in our product!

Learn more about Kollo

As you can see, genuine collagen supplements are superior to collagen boosters. We are confident you will not find a better option than Kollo and we encourage you to explore our website to learn why. Our blog contains a wealth of information about everything collagen-related so you can learn a lot there.

If you still have any questions about Kollo, please get in touch and someone from our team will answer them.

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