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Why diabetics need collagen

by Natasha Whiting

Why diabetics need collagen

As we age, our collagen production slows down significantly, but it is worse for people living with diabetes. Their collagen supply decreases much more quickly than that of the average person. Because of the vital roles that collagen plays in our bodies, it is crucial that you replenish your collagen supply. The fast and most effective way to do that is by taking supplements. Here is why collagen supplementing is particularly important for people with diabetes.

You lose collagen faster

Sugar is a notorious culprit in diminishing collagen levels in the body. It attaches itself to collagen all over the body through a process called glycation and inhibits its functions. Diabetics have higher levels of blood sugar, which causes faster glycation. The results of glycation cause serious problems throughout the body, such as the stiffening of tissues, slower healing of wounds, and an increased likelihood of injuries. Supplementing using liquid marine collagen helps restore your body’s collagen supply, therefore preventing these adverse effects.

It may help stabilise blood sugar levels

It is critical for people living with diabetes to avoid unhealthy spikes of energy and maintain stable blood sugar levels at all times. One way they can do this is by supplementing with collagen. A recent study showed that insulin and blood sugar levels remain more stable in patients who use collagen. Collagen is more effective at stabilising blood sugar compared to other proteins.

It is a superior source of glycine compared to other protein sources

Glycine is found in protein sources such as meat, but they have very low amounts of it. Marine collagen, on the other hand, contains substantial amounts of glycine. It is the most significant amino acid in collagen, with a percentage of about 33. This makes liquid marine collagen an excellent source of this vital amino acid.

Kollo is the best collagen supplement on the market. It contains essential amino acids and vitamins, and it is perfectly packaged in a sachet to ensure that you get your daily dose of collagen.


As with any existing medical condition, it is always best to check with your doctor before taking a new supplement. Studies show that as diabetics are more prone to faster collagen loss, taking a collagen supplement such as Kollo may help to reduce the effects of accelerated ageing and contribute to overall physical health. 

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