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Why liquid collagen is better than powder or pills

by Natasha Whiting

The health benefits of marine collagen are well documented, but does it really make any difference whether you choose liquid collagen over powder or pills? Several factors suggest it does, and whilst any form of collagen is beneficial, taking the right type in the right way means you can maximise the benefits to your health.

Liquid collagen delivers peptides in a super-high concentrated form

Liquid form collagen can get straight into the bloodstream, stimulating the healing response of peptides and activating the body’s natural protective processes. Various clinical studies show that taking 10g of collagen over an eight week period has a huge impact on elasticity, hydration and wrinkle smoothing, as well as supporting the body’s natural strategies for building healthy bones, lubricating joints, and encouraging healthy hair.

Many people find taking pills problematic and taking the ten or so pills needed to reach the optimum amounts is something that most people would avoid. Choosing liquid marine collagen means you enjoy the perfect portion, without the challenge of swallowing multiple pills.

Efficient absorption

The body absorbs liquids more readily – there’s little to be done in the way of digestion, so your body can get on with getting the marine collagen to where it’s needed most. Whether you’re using marine collagen for acne, menopause, arthritis, or any of the myriad health benefits it brings, choosing a liquid form means it can get to work fast.

Liquid collagen is convenient

The biggest barrier to developing a healthy habit is convenience. If you try pills or powders you need to know you can get hold of something to mix your powder with, and have access to fresh, filtered water. This convenience factor is another reason one of the most popular forms of liquid collagen is “ready-to-drink collagen”. Portion-sized packs from multi-award-winning collagen brand Kollo, make it super easy to incorporate this healthy addition to your skin’s support network into your lifestyle. No mixing or measuring, just great quality ingredients, where your body needs it most.

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