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Why marine collagen is so marvellous 

by Andrew Harkness

Most people have heard the phrase ‘marine collagen’ but not everyone is actually sure of what this sister product of collagen is about. You will have seen in previous blogs that we talk about how we produce collagen and as we get older it’s recommended we add a collagen supplement to our diet to ensure we are getting enough collagen to the areas that our body needs it most. But what is the fuss about marine collagen and how can this transform our skin?

Marine Collagen is exactly what it says on the tin, it’s from ‘marine life’ as opposed to the collagen proteins we find in humans and bovine. Collagen is naturally produced within our body and helps to give us that youthful, smooth plump skin. In addition to this it helps the body go through the natural regeneration process for things like our integral tissues such as bone, ligaments and tendons - essential for us to protect as best we can especially as we get older. Marine collagen on the other hand is found in collagen peptides which is processed from naturally formed collagen and is more palatable and easy to digest by us humans. You are aware of the fact that the amount of collagen we produce slows down as we get older and so it’s a great idea to add Kollo liquid marine collagen supplement to your daily life to not only keep our skin youthful and healthy but our body function too; like your gut, brain and heart!

So why do we think marine collagen is best for your body?
One of the reasons we favour marine collagen is because it is constructed of tiny molecules which are recognised for being more efficient in absorbing into our body in comparison to other traditional collagen supplements. This means our body can get the collagen to enter our bloodstream much faster for quicker results. Marine collagen has a high quantity of essential amino acids which contributes to better working and healthy body functions; especially in building muscle, regulating our glucose production and helping to get our own natural collagen that we produce stimulated too.

If you feel like you need a change or want to try something new out that doesn’t only have benefits to your appearance but your body health too then why don’t you try Kollo liquid marine collagen.

Why marine collagen is so marvelous 

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