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Your sleep health and why marine collagen is the answer

by Natasha Whiting

Your sleep health and why marine collagen is the answer

Many people have experienced a struggle to sleep during at least one point in their lives. When this happens, it doesn't just impact your night - it also poses serious ramifications for the following day, too. Suffering from poor quality of sleep has been proven to impact your attentiveness and ability to concentrate during the completion of tasks, as well as increasing the likelihood of irritability and other negative emotions. This transfers onto the people around you, making relationships and day-to-day communications suffer.

You can negate all of this by tackling the problem at its source - by improving the quality of your sleep. But how?

Marine collagen supplements may be the answer. Supplied by Kollo Health in an easy-to-take sachet form, marine collagen is an additional form of collagen complementary to the natural collagen protein created by our body. Containing an incredible 18 amino acids, which help our bodies perform almost all of its natural processes.

How does marine collagen help you sleep?

One of the most abundant amino acids found in marine collagen is glycine. Glycine is an incredibly useful amino acid as it has been suggested that it helps to maintain a stable body temperature; unstable heat control during the night has been attributed as a reason for a disturbed sleep routine.

Not only this, but the regular consumption of a marine collagen supplement could further aid quality of sleep by helping to correct spikes in blood sugar levels, which studies have found to be an additional aggravator to sleep quality. This is because, alongside several grams of protein, many marine collagen supplements also include additional vitamins such as B5, B6, and B12. These vitamins aid in the body's production of melatonin, which is a hormone that encourages restful sleep.

Kollo Health's premium liquid marine collagen sachets contain 10g of the all-important protein, Type 1 marine collagen peptides. The product also boasts an excellent array of vitamins, B1, B5, B6, B12, and C. To encourage additional collagen production, Kollo health's marine collagen sachets also include L-lysine, which also promotes an optimal immune system.

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