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The Kollo Ambassadors

Meet Louise Arnold

by Natasha Whiting

Hi there, I’m Louise.  A personal trainer, mother, crafter, nature lover, runner and goal chaser.

Initially, I was drawn to Kollo for its benefits to my bone, joint and cartilage function, as I am a dedicated runner and have recently completed my first marathon at the age of 41.  I only started running as I approached 38 - please never think you’re too old to start something new!

The first thing I noticed after taking Kollo for about 4 weeks, was how nice and strong my nails had become.  Just before I turned 40, this is when I first started taking Kollo, I also started growing out my hair from all the old hair dye and highlights. My natural grey hair is now so soft, I’ve never had soft hair before.

I often get compliments on how nice and smooth my complexion is, which is rather nice too. 

I love the fact that Kollo has added Vitamins, B1, B5, B6, B12 to keep my energy levels up, Vitamin C for my immune system and L-lysin for my athletic performance.  Kollo has a lovely tropical punch flavour, so absolutely delicious.

I am looking to compete in my first triathlon in the summer and I am hoping that Kollo will see me through the months of training and help ease any aches and pains I may get.

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