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Cardholder responsibility regarding jurisdiction laws

Cardholder responsibility regarding jurisdiction laws

Below is information relating to cardholders' responsibility regarding jurisdiction laws.

All Kollo Health customers (hence referred to here as the cardholders) are responsible for notifying their banks in the event of any issues with charges relating to Kollo Health transactions. It is the responsibility of the cardholder, following a transaction with Kollo Health, to ensure that all of the details regarding payment are accurate.

Kollo Health, therefore, takes no responsibility for issues surrounding fraudulent activity on customer cards or online payment accounts. We are thorough in ensuring that all of our transactions uphold PCI DSS compliance and we remain objective in all cases regarding transactional disputes. Any and all disputes regarding transactions should therefore be taken through your financial institution for resolution. Abnormal activity on your bank account is your personal responsibility and is unrelated to the actions of any Kollo Health staff or services.

All of Kollo Health's products, transactions and digital content are governed by English law, and any disputes remain under English jurisdiction. Kollo Health Ltd is registered at Companies House, with the company number 12114122. In the case of any disputes, contact a solicitor in order to engage in the proper legal proceedings relating to the jurisdiction.
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