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Kollo Health Sustainability Policy


Caring for the environment is as important as caring for our bodies.


At Kollo Health, we recognise the harm done to the planet by careless creation of emissions and ongoing use of non-recyclables. We aim to reduce these things in our business.

Kollo Health has taken every opportunity to reduce our environmental impact and we continue to set targets for improvement.

Important issues


The first challenge we encountered in the production of Kollo collagen was the supply chain.
We use Naticol marine collagen, which comes from Aquaculture farms that have minimal environmental impact. Suppliers are approved by the ASC and BAP as well as EU authorities,
and they are audited by the creators of Naticol. The focus is on a low carbon footprint and the preservation of natural resources.


We aim to add value to the raw material so that it offers maximum benefit to our customers. The creation of Kollo collagen involves zero waste and we make it a circular economy by ensuring all our packaging is recyclable. The collagen is certified halal and kosher and production is in full compliance with ISO 26000 and 22000 to reflect our social and environmental commitments.


Our responsibility to the welfare of our customers is close to our hearts. Our collagen has high purity and integrity. The formula is unique and bioactive with science-backed efficacy so our customers will experience the benefits to their health and wellbeing.


We acknowledge the limitations in the influence we have over our suppliers. This is why we take great care in selecting suppliers whose principles and commitments are a close match for our own. We also commit to educate wherever possible so that our partners and suppliers can grow with us in the shared goal of sustainability.


We commit to:

  • Undertaking periodic reviews of suppliers and processes to identify opportunities toimprove our sustainability and work to achieve our goals.
  • Cutting down team travel by car and encouraging use of public transport and cycling wherever possible.
  • Using the most energy-efficient technology in our offices to keep carbon footprints low.
  • Ensuring excellent ethical and social responsibility of our supply chain.
  • Seeking ways to further reduce packaging and ensure everything remains recyclable in the simplest possible way.
  • Give back to local communities by supporting clean and green initiatives where possible.


We will share sustainability statements from our suppliers with customers upon request.
We will also post updates and information relating to sustainability on our blogs.
Encouraging improvement in our customers and employees in their day-to-day life by educating is another part of our pledge to sustainability.

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