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4 reasons collagen is great for men

by Natasha Whiting

When you hear the word "collagen", you may be unsure exactly what it is and how it could help you. For men, collagen could soon be the number one supplement on your shopping list. Here are 3 reasons collagen is great for men.

1. Protein

Collagen is a protein we find in our bodies, in fact, there are at least 16 different types of collagen in our bodies. Containing 19 different amino acids with glycine-proline-x being the largest in abundance. Protein intake is incredibly important, especially for men to build and maintain muscle.

2. Healthy hair

When it comes to hair, nothing gives a man more confidence than having a full, healthy head of flowing locks. This is where collagen could help. Naturally hair is going to lose its strength, colour and thickness with age, so we can't avoid that, but collagen will certainly help slow the process. The "dermis" layer of skin is the main source of collagen, so make sure there is a consistent amount of collagen in your diet in order to keep that hair looking its best.

3. Skin

Similar to our hair, there's nothing we can do to stop the ageing process when it comes to skin...but we can certainly stem the tide. Integrate more collagen into your day to day lifestyle and notice a dramatic difference in the look, feel and general health of your skin to give you that confidence.

4. Joints and ligaments

Being able to move freely is something we take for granted. All it takes is a sore knee joint to put you off from doing anything active for a while. According to researchers, collagen will not only help in any injury repair when it comes to strains and sprains - but it can also help prevent these types of injuries - so it's best you start taking collagen regularly before any injuries happen.

So, now that you know how good it is for you - the easiest and most beneficial way to take collagen is by supplementation so check out what works best for your lifestyle!

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