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10,000mg Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen

10,000mg Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen

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10,000mg Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen

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Taken daily for 4-5 weeks, Kollo liquid collagen can help to:

• Counteract skin ageing and deep wrinkle formation

• Improve skin radiance and brightness

• Improve skin tone, suppleness and elasticity

• Increase skin hydration

• Reduce joint pain


What is Kollo?

Kollo is a daily liquid collagen supplement developed to contribute towards healthier skin, hair and nails, while helping to maintain the function of healthy joints, bones and cartilage. Clinical studies show that Kollo’s key ingredient, Type 1 marine collagen peptides, can have a beneficial effect on the appearance of skin and the reduction of joint pain, when taken daily for 12 weeks. 

Each 21.5g sachet of Kollo, contains 10,000mg of clinically tested marine collagen and is created to give your body the nutrients it needs from the inside out.  Kollo collagen supplements provides the most generous daily dose of liquid collagen on the market today.

Each box contains 14 sachets which is a 2 week supply

What's in Kollo Liquid Collagen Supplements?

✔️Collagen: Kollo is made with 10.000mg of type 1 Marine collagen peptides which have been clinically studied to help reduce the early signs of ageing, aid thickening of hair and strengthen nails. 

✔️Vitamins: Kollo has added Vitamins B1, B5, B6 and B12 and the all-important Vitamin C. These are crucial to improve collagen formation for cell renewal in skin, bones and cartilage as well as healthy brain function and energy levels.

✔️Bioavailable: Kollo has been developed in liquid form making it bioavailable, allowing for quicker absorption into your body.

✔️L-lysine: Kollo contains l-lysine which promotes collagen growth, enzymes and antibodies as well as helping to promote a healthy immune system.

Take Kollo daily: Consume 1 sachet daily in approx 150-170ml of water.


Why choose Kollo?

Kollo is a premium liquid marine collagen supplement, backed by science. Specially formulated to be easily absorbed by the body, our marine collagen peptides have been clinically studied for anti-ageing effects. Kollo delivers high levels of amino acids which contribute to collagen production for healthier, younger-looking skin and stronger hair and nails.

We’ve also added -100% RDA of Vitamin C, B5 and B12 Vitamin C, over 60% of B1 and B6 and L-lysine, all of which are crucial to normal collagen formation for cell renewal in skin, bones and cartilage.

What’s in Kollo?

Each 21.5g daily dose of Kollo contains 10,000mg of  high-grade, clinically researched marine collagen peptides with added B1, B5, B6 and B12, Vitamin C and L-lysine:

○ Marine collagen is a natural protein extracted from the scales of saltwater fish. Peptides mean the protein has been through a process of hydrolysis to break it down into small chains of amino acids with a low molecular weight, which makes them more easily and quickly absorbed by the body. This is often referred to as ‘bioavailability’.

○ B vitamins play a vital role in maintaining good health and wellbeing and are known to have a direct impact on your energy levels, brain function, and cell metabolism when taken daily

○ Vitamin C is instrumental in the production of collagen, - without it your body can’t actually form or store collagen. It is also an antioxidant that slows the rate of free-radical damage to collagen that can contribute to dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

○ L-lysine promotes collagen growth, enzymes and antibodies, as well as helping to promote a healthy immune system.

The Studies: Does collagen really work?

Studies on Kollo’s key ingredient, Type 1 marine collagen peptides, suggest that taken daily it may help to slow the signs of ageing and improve overall skin and joint health.  

Consumer Panel Study, Japan 

The study: A panel of 52 healthy women with normal skin, aged between 20 and 60 years old, orally took this type 1 collagen every day for four weeks. Over the course of the study, they answered a series of questions, which included state of the skin and state of the joints during and at the end of the study. 


The results: Consumers reported improvements in wrinkles and overall skin appearance (skin firmness, hydration, skin radiance and brightness) after two weeks. The study suggests that oral daily intake of 10g of this type 1 collagen can counteract skin ageing and benefit skin health. 

Consumer reported improvements in wrinkles skin appearance after 2 weeks of daily oral intake. 

Consumers also reported a positive impact on their joints after four weeks, with a noticeable decrease in joint pain. 

Consumers reported a decrease in joint pain after 4 weeks of daily oral intake. 

Clinical Study, France 

The study: Forty healthy female volunteers aged between 54 and 63 were split into two groups of 20. One group took an oral dose of this type 1 collagen  in liquid before breakfast for 12 weeks. The other group took a placebo. Researchers then performed analysis via a number of methods: 

-   A cutometer, which uses a suction method to depress the skin then record the time and quality of its ability to return to normal, was used to  measure skin elasticity. 

-   A corneometer, which measures the moisture levels in the outer dermal layers, was used to measure skin hydration. 

-   Skin images were analysed using dedicated computer software to perform 3D analysis of wrinkles. 

Subjects were also surveyed for their response to the question, "Would you say that the treatment you underwent has reduced the wrinkles on your face?". Investigators and subjects separately answered the question, "Would you say that the treatment you underwent is globally effective in reducing signs of ageing in the face."  

The results: 

At the end of the study, lines around the eye (crow’s feet) indicated a significant smoothing in the overlap of the skin and a significant reduction in skin wrinkling. No effect was observed in the placebo group. The clinical score of wrinkles, assessed by the Investigator, decreased significantly between week 6 and week 12. The clinical score remained unchanged for the placebo group. 

Results show a significant (-9.37%) reduction in skin wrinkles after 12 weeks. 

Skin hydration also showed significant improvements in the type 1 collagen group, with hydration levels increased by 22.8% from day one of the study.Skin elasticity showed major improvements at both week 6 and week 12, with a +27.2% increase in hydration by week 12. 

Results show a significant (+22.8%) improvement  in skin hydration after 6 & 12 weeks. 

Results show a significant (+27.2%) increase in skin elasticity at  12 weeks 


Links to full clinical studies  


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Naticol® Clinical Study 5 grams

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Taken daily for 12 weeks, Kollo can help to:

• Counteract skin ageing and deep wrinkle formation

• Improve skin radiance and brightness

• Improve skin tone, suppleness and elasticity

• Increase skin hydration

• Reduce joint pain

Jenni Falconer

As co-founder of Kollo, I thought I should share the story of how our premium liquid marine collagen supplement came about in the first place. 

I'm a keen runner, and in 2009, signed up for my first marathon. At this point I was advised by a colleague who was a TV doctor, that as our bones take a battering with excessive pavement pounding, it would be wise to start taking supplements containing collagen as it's hugely beneficial in aiding joint recovery. Who was I to argue? I took heed of this advice and after a while progressed onto collagen powder. 

Now in 2020, I am in training for my ninth marathon and still truly value collagen for recovery after a run, contributing to healthy joints, cartilage repair as well as good gut and cardiovascular health. However there is more... 

Alongside running, my work hours have always been fairly anti-social. I've worked as a presenter on breakfast TV and radio since 2000. Yes for 2 decades, my alarm has been waking me at a time when most people are still asleep - you'd assume not ideal for dewy, radiant skin. Regardless, in recent years friends have started commenting how fresh I looked - surprising considering the lack of sleep! 

My skin's had it's share of low points - in my 20s, I suffered from mild acne, which left me paranoid and lacking in confidence. I started taking collagen in my 30s, at which point my skin not only cleared but felt more hydrated and looked a lot more luminous. However I always credited the improvement in skin clarity and radiance more to fresh air through my love of running than to the collagen supplement. In fact I didn’t connect the improvement in skin quality with the collagen for a long time - until one day I ran out. After a while my skin felt less radiant and something was definitely different. 

Only once I started taking it again, when friends and makeup artists started commenting on my 'great skin', did I consider that collagen may be my little wonder product! 

I'm a working mum who for the last 7 years has been getting up at 2:30am to go to work and do the early shift, this lack of sleep should have definitely had a negative impact on my skin and health, however, it seems to not be the case. It slowly dawned on me that the collagen I had been taking has indeed been working wonders - not just aiding recovery after running but also visibly on my skin, hair and nails.

I truly never expected to be in a position to one day develop my own collagen brand however after years of trying others, my husband proposed that we create our own formula and this way we could tailor it to tick all the boxes: Collagen, vitamins, a great taste, all in one sachet, which you could take daily. 

For me, it was imperative to find not only an ingredient that had clinical studies to prove it actually worked, but also to pack our daily sachet with as much of it as possible...and that is exactly what we have done. 7g of marine collagen in each sachet. After thorough research, we also realised that a liquid supplement has added benefits as it can penetrate the system quicker.

We cast the net far and wide to ensure that the collagen we used was premium and the one we found is the best on the market. We then mixed in added vitamins - B1, B5, B6, B12, and vitamin C - so you will feel fantastic and of course we carefully developed the taste - whilst some brands are satisfied with being ‘palatable’, we wanted ours to be delicious whilst ultimately giving you that radical boost you’re after. 

It has taken time but we have got there in the end and the result is a daily sachet crammed with the highest levels of premium marine collagen required to give you incredible benefits, whoever you are and however old you are.  

On a personal note, ever since we have created our wonder product, Kollo, my skin, nails and hair feel like they have all been given a radical boost. What’s more, as a keen runner, I am still reliant on the benefits of collagen for my joints, cartilage and cardiovascular system. I love it. It is a part of my daily routine and the minute you try it, you will want it as a part of your daily routine too. 

Read more about Kollo's clinical studies

Studies on Kollo’s key ingredient, Type 1 marine collagen peptides, suggest that taken daily it may help to slow the signs of ageing and improve overall skin and joint health. 

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