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Count on collagen to help you stay healthy during lockdown

by Natasha Whiting

There is no doubt that keeping fit and healthy helps protect against disease and viruses, so it is important to take care of yourself. Looking after yourself will improve not just your health, but also your wellbeing, plus it will help you stay active and give you more energy.

Winter is coming

Short days, darker nights and colder temperatures can also increase the risk of catching colds and other illnesses. It’s also the time of year when we may not absorb enough vitamin D from sunlight which can have a hugely detrimental effect on our immune system.

With a lockdown currently underway, and restrictions on everyday life forecast to continue for the foreseeable future as we battle through the colder months, it’s even more important to take care of your health.

Most people will still need to leave home for essential shopping, work, school and college, so keeping your immune system in tip-top condition has never been more important.

Healthy eating

Diet plays a huge role in health, so ensure you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and stay hydrated - two litres (about eight glasses) of water daily is recommended.

However, the natural production of collagen declines as we age and generally it is older age groups who are more susceptible to ill-health. Taking a supplement can help restore collagen levels and will keep your gut health functioning efficiently, which is one of the most important components in staying well.

New research in America is advancing the understanding of the role collagen can play in the human body to fight off diseases. (

Supplement your diet

Kollo's daily liquid collagen supplement provides essential amino acids to aid collagen production and it offers added vitamins B and C. There is 10g of marine collagen in each sachet and Kollo is specially formulated for swift absorption.

Taken daily for four to six weeks, Kollo premium liquid marine collagen has a whole host of benefits for the skin, hair, nails and joints, but importantly, it also balances gut health and aids digestion. Having a healthy digestive system is vital in ensuring you can absorb the vitamins and minerals that protect against disease and infection, keeping the body fit and strong.

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Discover the health benefits of Kollo marine collagen, how it can boost the immune system and help keep you fit and well.
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