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Discover how collagen could help you through menopause

by James Midgley

Discover how collagen could help you through menopause

Menopause can be a challenging time for women and those that are assigned female at birth. This is because the drop in estrogen that begins in perimenopause and continues throughout menopause is linked to a fall in the amount of available collagen.  

The problem with low collagen levels 

Unfortunately, collagen is essential for many of the processes in the body. Not least helping our cells and tissues to repair, keeping our immune systems healthy, and ensuring that our cells can communicate.   What that means is those experiencing a fall in collagen can also suffer from many unwanted effects. 

Poor gut health 

One such effect is poor gut health which can lead to pain, and bloating. The good news is that taking a collagen supplement can help here, as it can help heal the gut and improve digestion.   

Skin ageing 

Another common effect of falling levels of collagen is ageing of the skin which appears as wrinkles, saggy ness and uneven skin tone. However, taking a collagen supplement can help replenish the vital building block that your skin needs which keep sits looking youthful and plump. 

We created the Kollo supplement to boost collagen levels.  

The good news is that we can counter these issues by taking a collagen supplement, and what better one to choose than Kollo? After all, Kollo is a multi-award-winning supplement created with the science of collagen in mind. Kollo has more marine collagen in every pouch than any other on the market. It also comes in a liquid sachet, so it couldn't be easier to take on the good, or with your morning meal.

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