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Vitamin B5: Everything to know

by Natasha Whiting

Everything to know about vitamin B5 for skin health

Vitamin B5 is an essential vitamin that our bodies require to function efficiently on a range of levels. Primarily, it helps to give us energy by breaking down the food we ingest, but it also contributes to healthy skin, organs and hair. When our bodies lack B5, it can take a significant toll on our overall health. Many choose to combat this by taking a supplement that is rich in this important vitamin. In this blog post, we dive into everything you need to know about vitamin B5. How to spot signs of a deficiency in your body, ways to source it, recommended daily doses and how Kollo Health is committed to boosting your intake of this all-important vitamin.

What is vitamin B5?

Vitamin B5 is commonly found in foods that our bodies use to produce energy and contribute to our overall health. By having a healthy supply of vitamin B5, our bodies are able to efficiently break down fats and carbohydrates and convert them into energy sources. With a varied diet, it's possible to source enough of it to live a healthy life, however, some people can experience deficiencies (though this is rare.) Some people look to supplements in order to boost their daily intake of vitamin B5.

Why do our bodies need B5?

Vitamin B5 contributes to several core functions of the body. These all aid the overall health and wellbeing of our daily lives. Vitamin B5 primarily helps to convert food to energy or glucose, synthesise cholesterol, and form a range of hormones and also red blood cells. Alongside this, it also helps the body to repair itself after injury, as well as build muscle and maintain the functioning of important organs. Find below an in-depth look into all the ways vitamin B5 helps our bodies perform:

Production of coenzyme A

Vitamin B5 plays an essential part in synthesising coenzyme A. This helps to break down fatty acids and convert foods into valuable energy sources. Coenzyme A is also important in a healthy and functioning liver.

Healthy digestion

Vitamin B5 also helps to promote healthy digestion and also aids the body in utilising other vitamins, such as B2, which helps us manage stress.

Skin health

Alongside our internal organs, vitamin B5 also contributes to skin health. Primarily, it is considered to add moisture to the skin, as well as heal wounds and trauma, for example scarring from acne. Vitamin B5 has also been linked to the reduction of breakouts and acne symptoms.

Lowers cholesterol

Some studies have shown that vitamin B5 is linked to the lowering of cholesterol. By boosting your intake of the vitamin and maintaining a healthy diet, you could find that your overall health improves.

Can prevent medical conditions

Some research has discovered that an increased intake of vitamin B5 can help with certain medical conditions. For example, in arthritis, where the vitamin may help to repair and prevent damage to joints.

Signs of B5 deficiency

Although vitamin B5 deficiencies are uncommon, it's important to be aware of the signs. This means you can be quick to identify it and look to make improvements to increase the intake of B5 in your daily life. Take a look below at a few of the common symptoms that coincide with a B5 deficiency:

  • Fatigue

  • Depression

  • Irritability

  • Muscle cramping

  • Pain in the stomach

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Sickness

What is the recommended dose of vitamin B5 per day?

As with most doses of vitamins and minerals, the appropriate amount for each person varies depending on a variety of factors. For example, age, weight and other life events, like a woman during pregnancy. However, for standard adults over the age of 14, both males and females a dose of 5mg of vitamin B5 is recommended per day. This can either be sourced from the food you eat or as part of a daily supplement. Our Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen supplement features a healthy daily dose of quality vitamin B5 to tend to all your health needs.

Can you source B5 in food?

For most people, it is possible to source all of the vitamin B5 you need for a varied and healthy diet. This vital vitamin is found in both meat and vegetable products, so it's possible for people with all dietary requirements to receive their daily intake. Find below some of the foods with the highest amount of vitamin B5 present:


A range of meats are rich in B5. Opt for the regular intake of chicken, turkey and in particular organs such as the liver and kidneys.


Including more seafood in your diet is also an excellent way to source more vitamin B5. Seek out dishes with nutrient-rich fish like salmon and different types of shellfish.

Whole grains

Look to whole grains like cereals and bread for a healthy dose of B5. Make sure that you look for unmilled grains, as the milling process reduces the amount of vitamin B5 content significantly.


Turn to a regular intake of eggs and milk to build up a healthy level of vitamin B5 in your body.


Vegetables serve as an excellent way for those with strict dietary requirements to source a daily intake of vitamin B5. This includes for vegetarians and vegans. Look for a healthy source of legumes, potatoes and tomatoes.

Supplementing vitamin B5

If you suffer from a B5 deficiency or are simply conscious of upping your intake of the vitamin you may want to consider sourcing a supplement featuring the vitamin. There are many types of ways you can supplement the vitamin, including through pills or capsules, powder and also liquid options. By supplementing this vitamin you can help to improve your overall health, as well as look to strengthen your nails and hair. Our Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen supplement aims to tick every health box with a complex formula of collagen and nutrients and vitamins, featuring a healthy dose of vitamin B5.

Are there any side effects to supplementing vitamin B5?

If you are looking to begin taking a daily supplement that includes B5, you may be wondering if there are any side effects to taking a regular dose. Studies have shown that there are no risks to a person's health when taking a daily vitamin B5 supplement. However, as when beginning to take any new health supplement, it is always recommended to consult your doctor for advice first.

Boost your B5 intake with Kollo Health

One of the main benefits of taking our Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen supplement on a daily basis is the improvement our customers have found to the condition of their skin, among many other health benefits. Find below a few of the ways that our marine collagen and vitamin B5 supplement can give you the glow that lasts a lifetime:

Fight acne

Despite a popular misconception, acne isn't just limited to those in their teenage years or people going through hormonal changes. Adult acne is an extremely common skin condition, that millions of people struggle with every year. Luckily, vitamin B5 is a powerful weapon against the formation of breakouts and acne inflammation. A research study found that acne sufferers who took 2.2g of vitamin B5 each day for a period of 12 weeks saw a significant improvement, likely due to the antibacterial properties of the vitamin.

Boost moisture

Vitamin B5 has also been found to significantly boost levels of moisture in the skin. This is perfect for those with mature skins that lack hydration and glow, with depleting collagen production. The Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen supplement combines everything you need for a daily dose of glowing and skin that easily retains moisture.

Add hydration

The great thing about B5 is that it is a humectant, meaning it naturally hydrates the skin. Especially with mature or ageing skins, hydration is important in fighting fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improving skin elasticity.

Here at Kollo health, we are committed to helping you achieve the skin and health of your dreams with our vitamin b5-infused Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen supplement. This powerful daily dose of collagen and vitamins is the perfect addition to your routine to reach optimum health. We created this supplement with the main aim of helping you look good on the outside and feel great on the inside. So what are you waiting for? head over to our website and try out our famous supplement today.

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