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Give your skin a healthy glow in time for Christmas

by Natasha Whiting

Give your skin a healthy glow in time for Christmas

Winter is one of the worst seasons for your skin, especially your face. It has to contend with a whole host of aggravating situations which means you need to take particular care at this time of the year.

Cold weather, freezing winds, central heating, rich foods and higher levels of alcohol intake will all take their toll on your skin as we approach Christmas. But that's not all.

Rosacea and redness

Rosacea dryness and broken capillaries can leave you feeling you are fighting a battle against the elements in winter. The temptation may be to slather on lots of richer moisturisers to try and combat the issue but that could just make the situation worse, especially for sufferers of rosacea.

3 top tips for winter skin care

There are some key ways to keep your skin looking its best throughout the season:

1. Cover up when you go outside including shielding as much of your face as possible with a hat and scarf.

2. Avoid steaming baths and hot showers which will only contribute to drier skin and unhealthy flushing.

3. Take a marine collagen supplement to keep your skin strong and healthy alongside making time for a regular skincare routine before bed, removing make-up with a gentle cleanser and applying a light moisturiser.

Supplements can help

Fighting the battle on this inside as well as the outside is an effective way of caring for your skin during the cold months. Ensuring you're getting your recommended intake of vitamins and minerals is essential for healthy skin, especially with many of us trapped indoors. However, as mentioned above, a marine collagen supplement is also key to helping keep your skin soft, supple and rehydrated. You should combine taking a supplement with a good skincare routine for the best effect.

Kollo daily liquid collagen supplement provides essential amino acids to aid collagen production. Taken daily for four to six weeks, Kollo premium liquid marine collagen will help keep your skin healthy and more supple throughout the winter period, retaining elasticity.

Kollo offers 10g of liquid marine collagen in each sachet to help keep skin healthier. It’s an excellent source of essential amino acids and also contains added B and C vitamins to promote collagen production.

Visit for more information and start now with a December skincare routine that will give you a healthy glow in time for Christmas.

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