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How collagen supplements could help women going through the menopause

by Natasha Whiting

Our bodies produce natural collagen, but the rate at which they make it reduces significantly over 40. It's around the time of life when many women aren't far off menopause if they're not already going through it, so they're more at risk from certain conditions.


Collagen and bone density

Women are particularly prone to osteoporosis or osteoarthritis as they age, where bones weaken and are more likely to break. This factor becomes all the more critical once menopause sets in. Marine collagen supplements can help by improving your bone mineral density, and the earlier you can start taking them, the more protection you have as you age.


Reduced joint stiffness

Collagen supplements have been shown to reduce stiffness in the joints, something we all experience as we get older. Arthritis can start to creep in at any point, but rheumatoid arthritis is estimated to affect three times as many women as men. For women who have been through or are going through menopause, collagen can reduce the stiffness and pain of arthritis.


Preventing weight gain

One symptom of menopause can be weight gain, primarily due to uneven fat distribution. Collagen improves metabolism, and increasing the amount you consume can significantly help with weight management during this tricky stage in life. Although collagen can be found in foods such as eggs, cod, leafy greens and fermented products, the easiest way to up your intake is by taking the best marine collagen for menopause symptoms.


For improved mood

It's just a fact of life – with your hormones all over the place, who wouldn't have mood swings during menopause? One way to combat irritability includes looking after yourself and putting your body's needs first. Collagen for daily wellness can improve the quality of your sleep and leave you feeling more refreshed in general. Collagen and menopause ought to go hand in hand because marine collagen supplements can hugely impact how well you feel in body and mind. To find the best collagen supplements in the UK, please visit our online store.

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