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Kollo is Informed Sport Certified!

by Natasha Whiting

Kollo is Informed Sport Certified!

We’re so pleased to announce that after months of rigorous testing, Kollo has proudly passed the ‘Informed Sport Certification’, which means it contains no substances that are prohibited in the world of sport.

Our wonderful co-founder, Jenni Falconer has said: "So incredibly proud to finally be able to say that Kollo is now informed sport approved. We launched last year and the aim was always to offer a product that would satisfy our amazing existing customers but also be something that could be used by pro-athletes. I’ve been asked repeatedly by sports professionals if Kollo has been certified by informed sports and the answer is yes! 

The fact that our customers now not only get 10g of premium marine collagen in every sachet but also with no contaminated nor illegal substances in our supplement, everyone gets total peace of mind." 

This certification gives professional and amateur athletes the reassurance that what they are using is not contaminated with prohibited substances that could potentially harm their future.

Having this certification is another great achievement and with our number of clinical studies showing that Kollo’s key ingredient, Type 1 marine collagen peptides, can have a positive effect on the appearance of skin and the easing of joint pain, we know how great Kollo is for athletes who train regularly and suffer from joint pain as a result.

What is the Informed Sport Certification?

Informed Sport is a ‘global testing and certification programme for sports and nutritional supplements’ (https://sport.wetestyoutrust.com/about). As many professional and amateur athletes take supplements to aid their performance as well as their rest and recovery times, it’s important for them to ensure that the supplements they are taking are not laced or contaminated with prohibited substances - otherwise these could lead to them being banned from partaking in such events.

How did Kollo get an Informed Sport Certification?

In order to get an Informed Sport Certification, our supplements have been tested in LGC’s world-class laboratory and scanned for a variety of different banned substances. When a substance passes the scan and is given the Informed Sport Certification, it has undergone a strict process to ensure that it doesn't contain any of the banned substances, and therefore meaning that it's safe for professional and amateur athletes to consume. Once the certification has been awarded with the certification, the supplements are then blind tested to ensure that they always meet these requirements.

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