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The research that says 10g of marine collagen taken daily is the best dose for you

by James Midgley

What dose of marine collagen is best?

Scientific studies, conducted by some of the largest manufacturers of raw collagen ingredients in the world, have shown that 10 g of marine collagen taken per day leads to notable health benefits. Collagen is a structural protein found throughout our bodies. Its primary function is to provide our skin and tissues with strength and elasticity.

People take marine collagen supplements to:

✔️ Improve the health and appearance of skin

✔️ Boost bone health

✔️ Preserve muscle mass or reduce fat mass

✔️ Alleviate joint pain

✔️ Improve heart health

✔️ Improve the appearance of skin and nails

What dose of marine collagen should I take?

The amount of collagen you should take daily can differ depending on your age, size, weight, and goals. There is no one-size-fits-all dose but research has shown benefits even from taking small amounts of collagen.

Most research considers a daily dose of collagen between 2.5 g to 15 g as being safe. 10 g of collagen, therefore, is an ideal dose to begin with and to take on an ongoing basis.

The research that says that 10 g of marine collagen is best for you

A study of people living in Tokyo who took 10 g of a collagen supplement for between two and four weeks concluded the following:

✔️ An improvement in skin appearance after just two weeks with further positive results reported after four weeks

✔️ A decrease in joint pain after four weeks

✔️ 82% of participants intended to continue taking collagen supplements after the study

Research conducted in France asked participants to consume 10 g of collagen per day over a period of 12 weeks. The results were as follows:

✔️ A significant reduction in skin wrinkles after 12 weeks with improvement already noted after 6

✔️ A significant improvement in skin hydration after 6 weeks with continued improvement after 12 weeks

✔️ A significant improvement in skin elasticity reported after 12 weeks

Research in Japan concluded that 10 g of collagen taken daily over a period of eight weeks resulted in an increase in skin moisture and collagen density.

What's more, a study in Pennsylvania, USA of athletes reported a decrease in joint pain after taking 10 g of collagen over a period of 24 weeks.

Can I take too much collagen?

You should note that how much collagen you need to take per day depends on the results you wish to achieve. Some studies have been undertaken on dosages of up to 30 g with positive results.

Most people will not experience adverse side effects from taking collagen, though some do report occasional stomach complaints. It is best to start at 10 g of collagen per day and note the specific results that the dose has on those things you want to improve. If in doubt, you should contact your medical practitioner.

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