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The truth about taking collagen for strength training

by Natasha Whiting

The truth about taking collagen for strength training

Strength or resistance training is a common form of exercise. Not only can it help improve your overall health, but it can ensure stronger immune function and better blood flow. It’s worth mentioning that you should speak with your doctor before starting a new strength training routine. Now that we’ve said that, read on to learn about all the ways collagen can help you get the most out of your strength training.

Increase muscle mass with collagen

One of the major ways that collagen can help you with your strength training is by allowing your body to create lean muscle mass quickly. This happens because of some of the amino acids that are found in collagen. They help your body turn glucose into a certain type of energy that feeds your muscles.

Increase energy output with collagen

Collagen – specifically, glycine - can increase how much energy you have when you are strength training. As a result, you’ll be able to work out harder for longer, which is a great way to boost your metabolism and increase your muscle mass.

Boost your metabolism with collagen

A fast metabolism helps you lose weight, burn fat and make lean muscle visible. You can boost your metabolism by forming muscle mass. This is because muscle burns significantly larger amounts of energy in comparison to fat, even when you’re sleeping or sitting still. Put simply, the more muscle you build, the more you’ll use calories instead of storing them as fat. That’s where glycine comes in – it helps boost your digestive and central nervous system. Once they’re functioning optimally, you’ll experience a boost in your metabolism.

Order your collagen today

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