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Top 5 benefits of taking collagen supplements

by Natasha Whiting

Top 5 benefits of taking collagen supplements

In recent years, it’s not a surprise that collagen supplements have taken the world by storm, especially since there are countless benefits. For this reason, we’ve put together a guide that walks you through 5 evidence-backed benefits.

1. Promote skin health

Helping with the hydration and elasticity of your skin, collagen is vital for optimal skin health. When we begin to age, our body produces less collagen, causing dry skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. Taking collagen supplements could help slow the ageing of your skin as shown by this evidence-backed study: 

2. Minimise joint pain

As the amount of collagen decreases in your body as you age, you could develop joint diseases and disorders like osteoarthritis. Taking supplements could help reduce the pain in your joints. One study found that adults who had taken 2g of collagen for 70 days felt significantly reduced joint pain.

3. Stimulate muscle mass

Not only is our body rich with collagen, but it makes up some of the major connective tissues like muscles and ligaments. Taking collagen supplements could promote protein synthesis; particularly, a protein called creatine, which is needed to encourage muscle growth.

4. Prevent bone loss

Low bone density comes from a lack of collagen. Scientific studies have highlighted that collagen supplements could stop the breakdown of bones. While these studies are optimistic, further research is needed to establish the function of collagen supplements in your bone health.

5. Encourage heart health

Did you know that taking collagen supplements could significantly reduce the risk of heart-related diseases? If your body doesn’t have enough collagen, your arteries will become fragile and narrow, which could cause heart attacks and strokes. While scientific studies are looking hopeful, further research is needed to determine the role of collagen supplements in heart health.

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