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What is L-Lysine and why should I have heard of it?

by Natasha Whiting

We’re sure you’ve heard of collagen, as it may be able to help with a number of problems such as strengthening hair and fixing your sleep schedule. But it has a lesser-known partner in crime, L-Lysine. Like collagen, it’s an amino acid gained from food that promotes the production of protein in the body. As with collagen, it's also included in our range of supplements. At Kollo Health, we realise that it goes relatively unnoticed, so to fix this, our team have compiled this blog post on two of its potential major benefits.

Aid in wound healing

L-lysine takes care of the regrowth of skin when you've cut yourself. By using our supplements, you’re handing your body the tool to improve healing rates. L-Lysine can help to bind the wound shut by creating new skin cells, with some sources going as far as suggesting that it can even stimulate the production of new skin vessels. It even brings collagen into the equation, which works alongside L-Lysine to give the newly formed skin both strength and support. However, it must be noted that there are many other factors and vitamins involved in the healing of the wound, despite the influential role that L-Lysine does itself play.

L-Lysine may help to keep cold sores at bay

Cold sores can be a recurring issue for some. They can not only cause discomfort but can also hinder images of self-confidence. They’re caused in the body by the triggering of HSV-1 from its hiding place in the spine when you're run down or stressed. By taking our Kollo Health supplements when you're feeling like either, you may be effective in preventing a cold sore from cropping up. This is because L-Lysine is crucial to stopping the development of the amino acid arginine in its tracks. It’s arginine that allows the HSV-1 in the body to multiply – resulting in the presence of cold sores. For more information on the benefits of L-lysine, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team at Kollo Health.

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