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What protein does hair need?

by Natasha Whiting

What protein does hair need?

Collagen is a protein that is naturally produced in our bodies. Our hair is mostly made of the protein Keratin, which enables hair growth, strengthens hair and supports hair elasticity. To produce this protein our bodies use several amino acids which can be found in collagen. As we get older, collagen levels drop and consequently so does Keratin production, which can lead to thinner and weaker hair. 

How could collagen supplements help hair?

  • Your body can break down collagen supplements into amino acids which it then uses to produce new proteins that support the growth of healthier hair.
  • Free radicals can damage hair follicles which often results in hair loss. Collagen is able to neutralise free radicals potentially regenerating hair follicles and encouraging the growth of healthy hair.

  • Hair loss can be caused by poor scalp health. Collagen helps to support the skin's dermis by moisturising and rebuilding its structure. This may also encourage the growth of healthy, strong hair.

  • Many people experience hair loss due to vitamin deficiencies in their diet. Vegans and vegetarians, for example, may experience hair loss because they are iron or protein deficient.

Collagen supplements also contain vitamin B in addition to collagen, helping individuals avoid hair loss caused by vitamin deficiencies.

Where can I buy collagen?

Kollo is an award winning brand for collagen supplements and the UK’s #1. Kollo contains l-lysine, an amino acid that promotes collagen growth, enzymes and antibodies as well as a healthier immune system. Clinical studies show that Kollo’s formula significantly improves the skin’s ability to return to its initial state after deformation, which also encourages the regrowth of healthy hair.

How long does it take for collagen supplements to work?

Different individuals will notice the effects of collagen supplements at different rates. However, it is recommended to take collagen supplements daily for 4-6 weeks to help strengthen hair follicles and promote stronger, lusher hair. If you’re in desperate need of a collagen boost to keep your hair shiny and healthy, visit Kollo Health and buy 10,000mg Kollo premium liquid marine collagen now.

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