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Is marine collagen good for skin?

by Natasha Whiting

Marine collagen is becoming increasingly popular. Men and women are beginning to take collagen supplements to help improve their skin, nails, diet and sleep. As a multi-award-winning collagen brand, we’re often asked if liquid collagen supplements really are good for the skin – to which we always shout YES. Yet, there’s more to marine collagen than a couple of lines for an FAQs section, which is why we decided to create this blog post on collagen and skin. So lets find out: is marine collagen good for skin?

Tackles signs of ageing

The first reason why marine collagen is good for the skin is that it helps to tackle signs of ageing. This is because it boosts skin elasticity. After we reach our twenties, the natural sources of elastin in our body starts to deplete. This is the protein responsible for lifting our skin and keeping it firmer. The alternative is that skin starts to sag, allowing wrinkles such as crows feet and fine lines to appear. Our marine collagen supplements help to restore such levels in our bodies, promoting glowing, youthful skin.

Provides antioxidant protection

Another benefit of marine collagen for our skin is that it provides antioxidant protection due to the several types of amino acids found within each swirl. This includes – but isn’t limited to – L-lysine, hydroxyproline and glycine. Antioxidant protection – for those who don’t know – is what protects our skin from free radicals and environmental aggressors, such as the sun’s UV rays and pollution. It’s an important thing to have in any skincare routine at it helps to keep dark spots, dry skin and wrinkles at bay.

Hydrates the skin

Our premium marine collagen supplements are also good for hydrating the skin. Studies show that marine collagen is able to repairs the skin’s elastin protein fibres. This leads to the thickening of the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin), which is able to absorb more moisture. Over time, this can lead to a firmness that eventually passes the bounce test (pressing the fingers to the skin). For more information on whether marine collagen is good for the skin, feel free to contact a member of our team at Kollo Health.

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