It seems like everyone these days is anti-something, leaving the collective consciousness far too negative for anyone’s liking. So, in a commitment to reframing those dark clouds with a whole lot of silver lining, we’re here to propose an important perspective shift: radiant ageing. Sure, anti-ageing is catchy and everyone understands what it means, but radiant ageing really is what we’re all after. Whether we’re focusing on our fitness or our skin, looking and feeling radiant at every age is the true goal. After all, ageing is a gift!

With that in mind, we’re focusing the rest of the year on those daily habits and routines that leave us feeling radiantly healthy inside and out — no matter what our age. And, as such, we’ve discovered our new favourite brand: Kollo.

Kollo Health Liquid Marine Collagen Supplements

Kollo Health

Co-founded by friends Natasha Whiting and Jenni Falconer, the well-known radio and TV personality and fitness enthusiast, Kollo is an award-winning brand known for its power-packed, result-inducing liquid collagen. Not only is Kollo’s Premium Liquid Marine Collagen easy to use (it comes in handy daily sachets that you can subscribe to), but it’s also packed with all sorts of other radiance-boosting vitamins (namely B and C) to make you look and feel incredible.

Kollo Marine Collagen Supplements Liquid Sachets Daily Plus Vitamins

Liquid Marine Collagen

Having amassed a cult following thanks to the serious benefits packed into each tiny pouch, Kollo’s marine collagen does several important things really well: glowing skin, reduced wrinkles, stronger bones, pain-free joints, cardiovascular health, optimised gut and clinical studies (and rave reviews) that ensure you are getting something special.

Jenni Falconer Kollo Co-Founder

Co-Founder Jenni Falconer

Super boosted with an impressive ten grams of premium liquid marine collagen, Jenni was passionate about creating Kollo after her own skin woes, which started in her twenties. Additionally, after taking up running (she has nine marathons under her belt!) Jenni realised that she needed a better way to aid her recovery after hours of pounding the pavement. By adding a potent formula of collagen to her daily routine, she’s managed to look and feel radiant even with her busy schedule (she’s up at 2:30 most mornings!)

Kollo Health Liquid Marine Collagen Plus Vitamins Sachets Daily Supplements

Daily Supplements

Wanting to harness the power of collagen in an easy-to-use, great-tasting formula, Jenni and Natasha joined forces to create Kollo, helping women (and men!) everywhere age radiantly. And by adding extra goodies to the marine collagen formula (Vitamins B and C and L Lysine), Kollo’s Premium Liquid Marine Collagen delivers incredible results both inside and out — from cell renewal and healthy bones to improved brain function and a stellar immune system.

Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen Daily Scahets

Whole Body Health

Truly delicious (and that’s saying something if you’ve tried other liquid collagen brands in the past!), Kollo is destined to become a non-negotiable in your daily routine. Not only will you quickly notice thicker hair, stronger nails, and more radiant skin, but your body will feel better, making you a big believer in the power of bioavailable marine collagen.

Forget anti-ageing — it’s time to bring on each new year with radiance! And thanks to our daily Kollo sachet, we’re confident we’ll be feeling (and looking) great as we go.

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