Why Kollo 10 is EVEN better


✔️ You'll get 40% more great-tasting liquid collagen goodness at absolutely no extra cost!

✔️ With 10g of collagen in every 21.5g sachet, you're provided with the most generous daily dose of premium liquid marine collagen on the market today

✔️ It will contain 100% of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) for vitamins C and B12, and over 65% of your RDA for vitamins B1, B5, and B6

✔️ The clinical studies on our Type 1 marine collagen have reported improvements in wrinkles and overall skin appearance (skin firmness, hydration, skin radiance, and brightness) after two weeks. The study suggests that oral daily intake of 10g of this type 1 marine collagen can counteract skin ageing and benefits skin health

✔️ New results show that 10g of our premium liquid marine collagen has shown a significant (+22.8%) improvement in skin hydration after 6 & 12 weeks and a (+27.2%) increase in skin elasticity at 12 weeks

✔️ An impressive 9.5g of protein in each Kollo sachet 

✔️ 30% less plastic in all packaging