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My Kollo Journey // Melissa

by Natasha Whiting

My Kollo Journey // Melissa

I have just finished my first 28 days of loving Kollo and I am ready to share the love! 

Having heard the positive effects that collagen can have on the body, I have always found myself steering toward collagen products - none of which have ever shown changes quite like Kollo. Before taking Kollo, I would have described my skin type to be dry and acne-prone, this statement could now not be further from the truth. After just 3 weeks of taking Kollo, I had noticed a glow in my almost acne-free skin. Blemishes that had been with me for as long as I can remember began to clear and I now have the confidence to leave the house free of makeup. 

Not only have I noticed a huge improvement in my skin but my hair appears thicker and shinier, my nails feel stronger, and my energy levels and periods of brain fog have greatly improved. Introducing Kollo into my daily routine was simple. I dilute my Kollo with approximately 170ml of water - as recommended and enjoy it every day around breakfast time. The taste is great! I cannot wait to experience even more of the positive effects of taking my Kollo.
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