The Official Menopause Partner for Brands

We are beyond thrilled to share that we have become a proud partner of GenM, joining a group of 48 brands and organisations dedicated to transforming the conversation surrounding menopause and revolutionising women's health education.

Menopause is a transformative phase in a woman's life yet it has been surrounded by silence for far too long. GenM's groundbreaking Invisibility Report revealed that a huge 94% wish that menopause could be spoken about more openly in society, while 90% menopausal women wish brands were more inclusive to menopause. Together, with GenM, we are stepping forward to change that narrative, providing women and their support networks with accurate information and support.

Our commitment to GenM is centred on normalising the conversation and providing better support for the 15.5 million women currently experiencing menopause. As a GenM partner, we are dedicated to improving the menopausal journey for millions of people and driving meaningful change to 'the change'. Together, our mission is to empower women to embark on this significant life journey feeling supported, educated, and fear-free.

Let's normalise the conversation together, and help everyone experience menopause with confidence.

The 48 Symptoms

There's a lot more to menopause than hot flushes, insomnia and brain fog. GenM's ground-breaking research has identified 48 symptoms associated with menopause which can be experienced throughout perimenopause, menopause or postmenopause. Discover the symptoms and learn how to be better prepared.

The Menopause Friendly M-Tick

We are incredibly honoured to be a part of this partnership with GenM and to be using the M-tick - the world's first recognisable menopause-friendly symbol. Extensive research showed that clearer and more visual signage was needed to better support the 15.5 million menopausal women in the UK choose products that will help with one or more of the 48 symptoms. We are so proud to carry the M-tick on our products and together, we can empower women, educate those around us and bring a positive change for generations to come.

How can collagen help?

During menopause, reduction in oestrogen accelerates the decline in your collagen levels that was already happening as a result of chronological age. Studies have shown that a woman's skin will lose around 30% of its collagen in the first 5 years of menopause. After that, the decline becomes more gradual, levelling out at around 2% per year for the next 20 years.

Collagen supplements cannot reverse the oestrogen decline. But they can fight back against some of the physical consequences that decline causes by impacting your collagen levels. In addition to more youthful-looking skin, hair and nails, you could experience increased bone density, reduced swelling in the joints, meaning improved health and comfort, boosted energy levels, better quality sleep, and improved gut health.

We have a wealth of information on our blog from how collagen can help many menopausal symptoms such as dry skin, joint pain, changes in bone density and even collagen for dental care.