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Does collagen really work?

by Natasha Whiting

Does collagen really work?

Collagen is a critical protein in our bodies. It accounts for a third of the total body protein content, helpful for skin, bone, and joint formation and integrity. However, our bodies tend to reduce collagen production after the age of 25. Depletion of natural stores necessitates supplementing. Type 1 marine collagen is one of the best supplements on the market. So, does collagen really work? Let us look at some of its benefits and why consuming collagen in liquid form is best for you.

Benefits of marine collagen:

Helps with skin hydration

Our skin becomes thinner, drier and wrinkled as we get older and deplete our collagen reserves. Supplementing with type 1 marine collagen helps restore the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Hydrolysed collagen works with hyaluronic acid to prevent water loss from the skin and provide a barrier to trans-epidermal water loss. According to this study subjects had significant clearing of their crow’s feet after using hydrolysed collagen for 12 weeks. Additionally, their skin elasticity improved after six weeks into the study.

Collagen has anti-ageing properties

A study conducted by CPCAD, an independent clinical pharmacology centre in Nice, France, proved that hydrolysed collagen helps firm up the skin, prevent moisture loss and improve overall health and wellbeing. With healthier skin, individuals can handle the damage from UV light, pollution and other environmental factors.

Collagen has anti-inflammatory qualities

The abundance of collagen in our bodies helps it maintain and improve connective tissue health. Connective tissue suffers damage from general wear and tear, harsh environments, accidents and illnesses, and collagen reserves depletion. Collagen supplements provide the body with anti-inflammatory properties, while helping in collagen synthesis. Therefore, there is the cyclical benefit of more collagen in the body, leading to better health and wellbeing.

It helps maintain lean body mass

The reduction of collagen in the body leads to wearing off lean muscle mass. In this study, 28 individuals with an average age of 62.5 years took collagen supplements for 24 weeks. Afterwards, a combination of lean body mass measurements, short exercises and the chair stand test revealed significant improvement in overall physical function. A placebo group test ran alongside to show the differences and impact of collagen supplementation.

Collagen improves joint health

With age comes the risk of osteoarthritis, which causes pain, stiffness and reduced mobility in the joints. Osteoarthritis is common in people aged 65 years or older due to reduced collagen. In a new study, patients reported reduced symptoms of osteoarthritis, such as knee pain and stiffness after taking collagen supplements daily for 12 weeks.

What is the best collagen?

Collagen supplements come in many forms. There are available in powder, pill and liquid form. Out of the three, liquid collagen is the most recommended and here are a few reasons why:

Single-use product

Liquid collagen comes fully prepared and is ready to drink. For example, Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen comes ready in a sachet, all you have to drink is tear and drink.

Ease of supplementing

The presentation of Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen sachets containing 10,000mg of marine collagen ensures it is simple to take the correct dose. As such you don’t have to worry about overdosing or underdosing.

Great flavour

Although Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen is made from fish, it doesn’t taste like fish. It comes in a delicious flavour that you’ll love to taste every day.

Ease of absorption

Liquid supplements have a smaller molecular structure compared to powder or pills. This allows your body to absorb collagen and other nutrients faster.

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