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Everything you need to know about collagen and running

by Natasha Whiting

Everything you need to know about collagen and running

Collagen is an important substance in the human body, accounting for about 30% of our body’s total protein. Collagen has an important role in the body, as it helps to create a complex that helps to support soft tissue and joints.

Although collagen can be found in animal products, our bodies can also make it by breaking down a certain number of different amino acids. However, some people may find that collagen supplements may be incredibly helpful to them, especially if they exercise regularly.

Why are collagen supplements so good for running?

Running is a sport that nearly seven million people take part in every year. However, while running can have numerous benefits, it can also cause a number of issues, such as joint pain and strain, knee strains, and ankle strains, which can put a runner out of exercise for weeks.

Moreover, as we get older, the amount of collagen we produce decreases, making it harder for older people to run like they once did. If you are a runner who suffers from frequent joint pain, collagen supplements could help support your joints, allowing you to run with more ease and less pain. Because collagen works to support joints, it could help reduce the risk of injury and can help speed up recovery time.

Why use marine collagen while running?

Marine collagen supplements are ‘pre-digested’ forms of collagen supplements, meaning that the amino acids in the collagen can more easily be absorbed to access your tissue.

Marine collagen could make joints more flexible and can make cartilage and bones stronger, meaning that you are less likely to have an injury while running.

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