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How can collagen help you reach your New Year’s goals?

by Natasha Whiting

How can collagen help you reach your New Year’s goals?

New year, new me – sound familiar? The first of January is a popular time for us all to try and improve our health and lifestyles, whether that be including healthier food in your diet, getting fit with an exercise plan, or simply trying to improve your sleep routine. Marine collagen can give you that push you need to help stick to your goals and here are a few reasons why marine collagen should be top of your Christmas list.

Collagen as part of a healthy diet

Kollo marine collagen contains 10,000mg of liquid marine collagen, the most marine collagen you’ll find in a sachet. Collagen, as a protein, can actually act as an appetite suppressant and keep you from reaching for the sweet treats in between meals. Protein should play an important part in your diet as it is particularly satiating and is what your body needs to build and maintain muscle.

Collagen to improve exercise performance 

Marine collagen as a protein in your body has a strong relevance when it comes to building and using your muscles. If you are deficient in collagen, you will find that it will take longer for your body to recover after training, and can even increase the risk of injury. This can be seen in exercises that involve repeated movements such as running, or exercises where a lot of pressure is put on the joints, like weight-lifting. Taking collagen supplements can keep you stronger and injury-free so you can keep to your New Year’s fitness plans as much as possible.
Marine collagen to support sleep health

Marine collagen supplements can be helpful in ensuring you get a good night’s sleep. Collagen supplements are high in an amino acid called glycine, which has been associated to promote a deeper and more restful sleep.

The benefits to Kollo's marine collagen are endless, from helping you stick to your health and fitness goals to reducing the risk of injury and improving your quality of sleep. 
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