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How collagen can help to beat acne

by Natasha Whiting

How collagen can help to beat acne

If you struggle with acne, you might be at a loss with what to do. It can feel really frustrating, for these spots and zits to just not disappear, whatever you try. However, we have some new ideas that you might have not already considered. When used together, these things can make a real impact in your fight against acne!

Eat the right food

We all know that food can help reduce acne. It's important to be persistent with it; eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and less greasy food is great to do as a detox, but if you want acne to go and stay gone, you need to keep doing so. It's a great idea to put together an eating diary so you can really see how much fruit and vegetables you eat, and try to eliminate some of your unhealthy foods.

Drink more water

Again, everybody knows this - but try to keep track of the amount of water that you are drinking. You should be aiming for around three litres a day to stay hydrated; try to break this up. Ensure that you've had at least 1.5 litres by lunchtime, 2 litres by the time you are going home, and 3 litres before bedtime!

Get a good night's sleep

Lack of sleep results in decreased collagen production, which means bad skin. If you have many bad nights sleep in a row, it's likely that you will notice a difference in your skin. Furthermore, if you start sleeping well, you may well notice your acne and skin condition improving.

Take a supplement

Supplements can be very effective in taking care of your skin, particularly collagen. Kollo, which is the best collagen supplement, is excellent for treating skin that's prone to acne. This is due to the collagen itself. Collagen helps boost skin elasticity and subsequently, healthy skin. Kollo is a particularly good supplement for skin because plenty of other vitamins and amino acids are crammed into it. It's a wonderful natural way to treat your skin.

As you can see, there are a few ways to treat acne and bad skin. So if you suffer with it, don't despair - try one of these solutions out. Visit Kollo for more information on our Premium Liquid Marine Collagen.
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