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Marine Liquid Collagen Reviews

by Olivia Coleman

Marine Liquid Collagen Reviews

If you're looking for a collagen supplement but not sure where to start, why not take a read of Kollos Marine Liquid Collagen reviews to help you decide.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and can be found in your skin, muscles and ligaments, as well as in other parts of your body. Your body starts to make less collagen as you age, which can lead to the development of wrinkles, weak muscles, joint pain and a whole host of other issues. Taking collagen supplements can assist your body with the production of collagen, and marine liquid collagen is one of the best supplement options available.

Marine collagen comes from fish skin and can provide excellent benefits. In its liquid form, it can be consumed by itself or can be mixed into a drink, making it incredibly easy to incorporate into your daily diet. To find out more about the benefits of marine liquid collagen, have a read through some of our customer reviews below!

Customer reviews of our marine liquid collagen

Great for busy mums

Kollo Health's marine liquid collagen has been hailed as being great for busy mums. It's easy to use and helps to boost energy levels, so it's fantastic for mums who are constantly on the move looking after their little ones.

Fantastic for the menopause

If you're going through menopause and are feeling a bit worse for wear, Kollo Health's marine liquid collagen is the perfect solution, as attested to by our many happy customers. It can help with reducing joint pain, increasing energy levels and improving skin and hair, meaning you can look and feel your best while your body does its thing.

Helps to improve your skin

The Kollo Health marine liquid collagen will help your skin to glow. If you want brighter, fresher-looking skin, then this is the supplement for you. Join our hundreds of happy reviewers and get your skin looking its absolute best with our marine liquid collagen.

Sport Certified

The marine liquid collagen that Kollo Health offers is Sport Certified, so you can protect your joints from damage while you exercise. It's the perfect accompaniment for sporty people and will be sure to enhance your sporting performance so you can just focus on giving it your all - our reviews say it all!

Has great effects on your hair and nails

Collagen is one of the key building blocks in hair and nails, and our marine liquid collagen has been touted by reviewers as having "really nice effects on hair and nails", with one reviewer saying that her "hair, nails and skin are like 5 years ago"! With glowing praise like that, how could you not want to give it a try?

The high concentration of collagen

Our reviewers have been thrilled by the results they have had after choosing our marine liquid collagen "due to the higher concentration of collagen" than most other products on the market, which means it will give you the best benefits around!

Great taste

Many of our happy customers have been delighted with the delicious taste of our marine liquid collagen. With customers describing it as having a "fantastic" taste, you really won't find a tastier marine liquid collagen on the market.

The benefits of marine liquid collagen

Marine liquid collagen has a whole host of benefits, so if you're not sure whether you want to give it a try or not, check out this list - we're sure it will convince you that the benefits are worth it!

Supports skin health

One of the main benefits of marine collagen is its benefit for skin health. Collagen helps to keep our skin looking bright and plump, and collagen supplements are the perfect way to ensure that our skin remains looking its best.

Research has suggested that consuming marine collagen can help to maintain the skin's plumpness, as well as help to maintain moisture levels. This, in turn, can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, so if this is a major concern for you, then our supplement is for you.

Promotes better sleep

Marine liquid collagen is packed full of the amino acid glycine, which has sleep-supporting benefits. Studies have shown that consuming glycine before bed can help to maintain satisfactory levels of sleep quality, as well as maintain core body temperature, which is linked to a better night's sleep.

Promotes gut health

There are many factors that contribute to poor gut health, which can, in turn, lead to increased inflammation and your risk for autoimmune diseases. Marine liquid collagen is not only easy to digest but it's also thought to help support your gut thanks to its amino acid contents.

Marine collagen contains high levels of glycine and glutamine, which both play a significant role in supporting the tissue that lines the digestive tract. Glycine can help to manage inflammatory gut conditions, while glutamine is needed for the health of the epithelial cells that line your gastrointestinal tract. That means that by taking marine liquid collagen, you're giving yourself a whole host of other benefits, too!

Can support your exercise performance

Due to the high concentration of the amino acid glycine in marine liquid collagen, this supplement can hugely benefit your workout performance. Glycine helps your body to produce creatine, which is scientifically proven to improve exercise performance and increase muscle mass. Marine liquid collagen is also a great source of proline, which can act as an antioxidant and thus help to monitor cellular damage that can cause aches and pains after a workout.

Promotes bone strength

Studies suggest that marine liquid collagen may help to support the absorption of calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals into the body. As these are minerals that are associated with bone health, they can contribute to the strengthening of bones. Their absorption is also associated with the activity of osteoblasts, which are responsible for synthesising and mineralising bone. They are also responsible for secreting collagen, which helps to create the unmineralised portion of the bone called the osteoid.

Support the growth of hair and nails

There is significant evidence that suggests collagen can increase hair and nail growth and strength. Reviewers of Kollo Health's marine liquid collagen have noted that their nails are growing "not just in length but in strength", and customers whose nails have split see "significant improvement in less than 2 weeks".

Improves the body's protein intake

Marine collagen is a pure protein with no carbohydrate or fat content to dilute its impact. As protein is beneficial for weight management and muscle repair, among other benefits, this is a significant advantage of consuming marine liquid collagen. If you're looking to increase your lean body mass, then check out Kollo Health's marine liquid collagen for a good starting point!

Provides antioxidant protection

Marine liquid collagen contains a high concentration of amino acids including lysine, glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. Proline and glycine are key in protecting the body against free radicals that cause cell damage, while hydroxyproline can also be converted into glycine and can help to regulate cells' oxidative state. Marine liquid collagen also helps to protect against oxidative skin damage that is caused by UV light, and so has some incredible benefits for the body overall.

It's a more sustainable source of collagen than most others

Marine collagen is a far more sustainable source of collagen than other kinds such as bovine collagen. A paper published in April 2020 noted that "marine organisms [...] can be a sustainable, eco-friendly source of collagen".

Marine collagen can also be a good option for people who don't consume pork or beef, for example, due to their religion, and so are unable to consume other types of collagen such as bovine collagen. This means that many people who follow certain religions may feel more comfortable consuming marine liquid collagen than bovine collagen.

Why you should buy Kollo

Kollo Health's marine liquid collagen is one of the best on the market. It's got a very high concentration of collagen compared to a lot of other products on the market, and our reviews are outstanding. Customers are consistently impressed with the effects that our product has on their skin, hair, nails and joint health, and we have over 2,000 five-star reviews.

If you're still a little sceptical, then there's only one solution for it - you need to try our marine liquid collagen for yourself! Whether you're a busy mum, a hardcore exercise fan or anything in between, our supplement is sure to help. With an extensive range of benefits that will have you singing its praises, this is a product that will be sure not to disappoint.

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