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Self-help tips for bad digestion

by Natasha Whiting

Self-help tips for bad digestion

Having bad digestion is no fun. If you’re having trouble with your tummy and have spoken to a doctor who can not find an immediate cause, here are some self-help tips to try.

Eliminate some food products

You may have an intolerance to certain food products. Common intolerances are to gluten or dairy, so try to cut these foods out for a designated period to see if it makes any difference. You could even follow a FODMAP diet ( which eliminates most problematic foods.

Drink more water

You may have a bad stomach because you’re dehydrated. Think of water to your body as grease to a car; it’s essential to make sure that everything is working properly. Try to drink up to 3 litres of water per day, and see if doing so improves your situation.

Avoid smoking and alcohol

Smoking and alcohol irritate lots of different parts of your body. For example, smoking irritates the throat, and alcohol does the same to the stomach. If alcohol causes you to vomit, this is even worse! Try to avoid smoking and limit alcohol, at least until you’ve reached a conclusion about why you are having stomach trouble.

Take some collagen supplements

Your body may be low in collagen, particularly if you are older. Collagen could help with digestive issues, so try taking a collagen supplement to see if that helps your situation. Our Kollo supplements ( also contain essential amino acids and vitamins, so it’s a great all-rounder for your general health!

Try natural remedies

Natural remedies for poor digestion include mint, ginger, and cinnamon. You can add any of these to a delicious tea (warm water also helps with digestion). You might find that these help with issues including nausea, constipation and dihorrea.

These five things to try might help you if you have stomach issues and are given the all-clear from any serious conditions by the doctor. Don’t settle for poor digestive health - try them out and watch out for improvements!

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