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Supplementing Kollo during Pregnancy by Alex Marks

by Natasha Whiting

Supplementing Kollo during Pregnancy.

Great news for everyone already supplementing with Kollo during pregnancy; Type 1 Marine Collagen when supplemented with Folic acid (commonly taken during all three trimesters) is seen to have a greater absorption rate than originally thought. We know that Type 1 marine collagen (Kollo’s key ingredient) supports muscle recovery and joint health, typically after our body has been put under stress and needs to recover/grow (e.g. after exercise or during pregnancy). 

So, at a time where every woman deserves a little extra time, care and attention, Kollo could help. With or without folic acid supplementation, the benefits of including Kollo into your daily routines may help with your health, physical and mental wellness. Here are three ways in which Kollo could help you and your pregnancy.

  1.     During pregnancy your body goes through a number of postural changes which can add stress to your body and contribute to increasing levels of discomfort. Due to this, it is essential that joint health is accounted for during pregnancy.

Supplementing with Kollo over 12 weeks from at least midway through your first trimester could help ease discomfort during trimester 2 & 3 (where the majority of the postural changes occur). 

While Kollo is likely to keep you limber during pregnancy, please also ensure you complete a simple full body or weight exercise routine to keep your muscles strong and your joints mobile. This can help physically and mentally during childbirth. For more information on this please contact me. 

  1.     As a postpartum specialist coach, I frequently get asked “how can I get rid of my mum tum?”. Skin elasticity differs from woman to woman and the severity of any overhang or loose skin depends on the size of both mother and the pregnancy itself. Supplementing with collagen, such as Kollo, and using skin tightening lotions can help reduce scarring and stretch marks. 

From my client’s experiences, those who have supplemented collagen through their pregnancy have comparatively experienced minimal lasting effects of the ‘mums-tum’, as well as an increased sense of self-confidence post pregnancy. 

Postpartum, collagen supplementation with a healthy and balanced diet will reduce unwanted body-fat and replace it with functional muscle tone which will improve the appearance and fitness of your body. Kollo is hugely beneficial in helping to return balance to a mother’s musculoskeletal health and mental wellness, something which becomes crucial as a mother juggles her new responsibilities.

  1.     Physical recovery in the 4th trimester is not to be overlooked. In my opinion, collagen supplementation should not stop at this stage. From a wellness perspective it offers mental relief and confidence at times where some women may feel vulnerable. Joint health, alongside muscle growth and muscle function may also be enhanced by collagen supplementation, a healthy diet and an appropriate exercise regime.

Collagen supplementation is safe during pregnancy, but it is always best to check with your doctor or midwife before starting any supplement or medication. 

For further information on Exercise and Nutrition during pregnancy please feel free to get in touch with me through Instagram or my website