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Taking Kollo Post Partum - By Alex Marks

by Natasha Whiting

Kollo - Post Partum 


From a nutritional standpoint, there are several ways that collagen intake may be helpful in supporting a woman’s health during pregnancy and postpartum, with protein is of highest importance,


The pregnancy hormone Relaxin (a hormone produced by the ovaries and the placenta) supports postural adaptation during pregnancy, yet it disperses after childbirth. Collagen supplementation can substitute the features and benefits of this natural hormone in your fourth trimester, aiding in the prevention of joint discomfort, improving bone health, with the added aesthetic beauty bonuses of glowing skin and luscious hair.


Emotionally a mother deserves to feel her best during all four trimesters. Newfound responsibilities and a lack of sleep can lead to a mother’s wellness suffering, however collagen products such as Kollo could offer well-earned respite from the stresses, both physical and mental, of life postpartum. 


I am what’s called an empath and I believe, as a man, that society is somewhat blind and negligent to a new mothers’ needs until they are presented first-hand with the realities that come with parenthood. 


Encouraging mothers to engage with wellness activities during their fourth trimester that help them physically, mentally and emotionally should be more at the forefront of public conversation. Parental and mothering communities are fighting ‘mum guilt’ regularly and my experience in the wellness and health sector has taught me that the balance between your new parental priority and freeing up time to engage in wellness activities is best achieved with a growth mindset.


A barrier to this is the premise that new mothers feel the need to be solely selfless. There is a great deal of work that needs to be done to unwrap the word ‘selfish’. There is a negative stigma that surrounds the word and I believe we need to change the narrative by actively engaging in wellness activities during each trimester in order to support new mums physiologically and psychologically.  


Collagen supplementation in tandem with guilt free naps and breaks from parental duties far outweigh other traditional gifts like flowers or activities, as supplements such as Kollo may directly be able to improve a mother’s mental and physical health. 


Another key factor in aiding bone strength, physiological muscle repair/recovery and breastfeeding is nutrition.


Research shows that hydrolysed collagen (broken down collagen cells that are easier for the body to absorb) has properties that support bone-forming cells and can optimise calcium absorption. The USDA states that on average there is 32g of calcium per 100g of breast milk. Supplementing collagen may help increase the volume of calcium absorbed through breast milk. The potential for greater absorption of essential micronutrients, such as calcium, can potentially aid infant ossification (bone formation/ growth) and muscle development in both the skeletal and musculoskeletal systems.

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