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The benefits of collagen during menopause

by Natasha Whiting

The benefits of collagen during menopause

Menopause is a natural state of ageing for women and occurs after 12 months after a woman's last period. Menopause occurs due to changing hormone levels in the body and can have side effects such as hot flashes, night sweats, skin sagging and mood changes. Different women, however, experience different symptoms. In this blog post, we look at the potential benefits of taking liquid collagen supplements during menopause.

1. Improve elasticity

During menopause, many women find that their skin begins to sag and lose its youthful glow. Collagen supplements may be able to counteract this concern as it helps to plump the skin and protect it from free radicals which encourages skin radiance. Collagen may also help to hydrate the skin, which prevents the formation of deep wrinkles.

2. Enhance hair growth

Another common concern women experience during menopause is lower hair density and the loss of hair shine. Collagen helps to address hair thinning and hair loss by targeting follicle damage and by releasing amino acids that can help to build hair fibres. This promotes a healthier, shinier head of hair.

3. Support bone density

During menopause, estrogen levels often drop sharply. This can cause low bone density and potentially cause osteoporosis later in a woman's life as estrogen helps to maintain bone density. As collagen helps to support and strengthen bone cartilages, it helps to increase mineral bone density and supports pain-free joint movements.

When should I take collagen to help with menopause?

The average age a woman experiences menopause is, however, some women can go through premature menopause at a younger age. As menopause can affect women at different times, it is recommended to take supplements that support a naturally ageing body, such as liquid marine collagen, as soon as possible. This will help to combat and prevent the negative side effects of menopause before they have a chance to appear physically.

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