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Collagen for acne

by Natasha Whiting

The benefits of collagen for acne

Type 1 marine collagen supplements are amazing. Not only have they been linked with anti-ageing benefits for the skin, such as ironing out fine lines and wrinkles, but our case studies have also revealed that these supplements can help clear acne too. Two birds with one stone, right?

How is collagen an anti-inflammatory?

Sources show that collagen’s soothing powers come right from the gut, which makes sense as we commonly ingest marine collagen supplements by adding them to our drinks and soups. Once in the gut, collagen works to calm the stomach by helping to rebuild its lining and promote the development of the amino acids that support this function. This, in itself, can help to destress the body and subsequently keep inflammation in check, but there’s more to collagen than this.

Collagen supplements contain key amino acids such as glycine and glutamine which are anti-inflammatories, with the latter focusing on the intestine and the former working more generally throughout the body.

How can collagen help clear up acne?

Our clinical studies show that on groups of women from both France and Japan, a regular dose of our collagen supplements led to brighter and more ageless skin. You may be wondering how this ties into acne, but bear with us.

Collagen boosts the levels of elastin in our bodies. As soon as we turn 20, our natural levels of elastin start to decline, which causes our skin to age. By supplementing your body’s elastin production, you’re paving the way to ageless skin as it becomes hydrated. The same goes for acne - this increase in elastin is just what your body needs to get rid of acne as this moisture boost can help to reduce the presence of excess sebum, which is the oil in your face that causes acne. If you're ready to experience the benefits of collagen yourself, don't hesitate to reach out to our team today to learn more.

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