Recycling your Sachets

Did you know you can recycle your Kollo Health's Premium Liquid Marine Collagen sachets!

Ever since we started, we wanted the planet to be at the heart of our brand. But as a young business, sadly recyclable sachets were out of the question. However, we have since invested in a process with First Mile, which allows us to recycle your sachets.

We're committed to providing you with a product that has minimal harm to our planet, so once you've saved up a large envelope's worth of empty sachets, you can send them to us for recycling where they'll get sorted and recycled into reimagined new goods.

Here’s how to recycle with us:

Step one - Save up a large envelope worth of empty sachets. We want to keep our recycling scheme as efficient as possible so please ensure you have at least 28 empty sachets ready to send back.

Step two - Simply pop them in the postbox addressed to: FREEPOST FIRST MILE, Kollo Health.

And job done! Together with First Mile, we'll receive, sort and recycle your sachets! 

As for our red Kollo boxes and the cardboard they are delivered in, these can both be recycled at most kerbside recycling schemes or at your local recycling facility.

Thank you for joining us in doing more to take care of our beautiful planet. 💚