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My Kollo Journey // Rachel N

by Olivia Coleman

My Kollo Journey // Rachel N

I heard about Kollo through a friend on Instagram. She spoke so highly of the product I decided to give it a try.  Within a week of taking Kollo my joint pain decreased. I was sore all the time from my workouts and was not sleeping very well. I could not believe how much different I felt. 

Within 2 months my hair and nails started to grow. Within 3 months my eczema has cleared up and I rarely have breakouts. I continue to be amazed at the amount of energy I have and how good I feel. I am 46 years old and this is the best I have felt in a decade. 

The elasticity in my skin has come back. I feel more confident in how I look and don’t have to wear makeup all the time. 

Kollo is amazing and it will continue to be a part of my daily routine.

Rachel N Before and After Kollo

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