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My Kollo Journey // Vanessa

by Olivia Coleman

My Kollo Journey // Vanessa

My name is Vanessa and I considered using a collagen supplement last year because of changes in my skin brought on by menopause, including flares in my rosacea and general dryness. I’m a medical writer by trade, so obviously did my research before deciding to trying anything. I was convinced by the published research behind marine collagen and chose Kollo because of the quality (inclusion of vits B&C and also L-lysine in addition to collagen) of the product and the quantity (10 g) of marine collagen in each sachet.

I have been taking Kollo for 7 months now. I noticed an improvement in my nails very quickly (they used to split very easily and don’t anymore). After about 3-4 months my skin was less red and blotchy and felt calmer, and my hair has been less dry. Now, 7 months on, I feel I can see quite a difference in the texture of my skin. It is now, and will continue to be, a part of my daily morning routine!

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