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My Kollo Journey // Victoria

by Olivia Coleman

I started using Kollo just over a year ago and I have completely forgotten how stiff my joints used to be first thing in the morning. I can move freely as soon as I get out of bed. I suffer from Eczema patches all over my body; these have definitely improved and don't look as red as they used to.

I have been going through the menopause and before using Kollo my hair which had previously been thick was thinning and I could see my scalp in photographs which really upset me. My hair feels thicker now and my nails are stronger.

The other big change I have noticed is that the skin on my hands and face no longer feels dry and tight at the end of the day so if I am too tired to apply night creams it is fine. My skin is happy with a good moisturiser once a day now so that is a cost saving. I think the health benefits of taking Kollo for menopausal women are amazing, at a time when it can feel like your whole body is "drying out", Kollo enables your body to restore that moisture and makes you feel fluid again in movement and especially your skin.

I would recommend Kollo to anyone with Eczema, going through the menopause, with back or joint problems to aid mobility and I think Collagen will be part of my daily routine forever now.


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