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A helping hand for healthy nails

by Natasha Whiting

A helping hand for healthy nails

This year, our skin has really felt the strain – especially the skin on our hands. Washing them more frequently and using hand sanitizer as much as possible, we have noticed that they have been drier, more cracked and quite sore. Not only that, but even now we can get our nails done again, they are frail, flaky and seem to break a little more easily.

Our hands go through a lot! And with winter coming up, you don’t just want to hide yours away in a pair of gloves. Read on to find out some tips and tricks for keeping your hands and nails gorgeous – even without a manicure.

Keep it clean

While we know you’ve been washing your hands a lot, there are special ways you can take care of your nails. Nail hygiene is important for keeping your hands attractive and healthy. Use manicure scissors or a pair of clippers to trim your nails, and a crystal file to shape them. Short or long, neat and clean nails look great and this can keep them from snagging and breaking.

Moisture matters

If you have been using a hand lotion, make sure it is deeply moisturising. Incorporate this into part of your daily routine, not just when you feel your hands drying out. Remember to massage the lotion into your nails and cuticles as well. Using a pair of moisturising gloves in the evening provides even deeper care.

Protect and perfect

If you love elaborate manicures, remember to give your nails a little break from the gel or shellac every now and again. Whether or not you often use polish of any sort, a nail hardener will help to strengthen your nails.

Nourish from the inside

With Kollo marine collagen, you’ll look and feel healthier inside and out – and this includes your skin and nails, as well as your hair. With just one sachet, this daily liquid collagen is full of the amino acids, protein, B and C vitamins you need to give your body a real boost. And to beat the hand sanitiser blues once and for all.

The key to healthy nails is in your hands!