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A message from our Co-Founder, Jenni Falconer

by Natasha Whiting


Hi there, I hope you’re well... 

Ever since we launched Kollo in April we’ve had a truly amazing response and the positive customer response has been overwhelming. So, I just wanted to give you a bit of an update on Kollo.


Just 4 weeks after launch, the demand was way beyond our initial expectations and soon it became apparent that we were in danger of not been able to fulfill our subscription customers if we continued to accept more sales, therefore, we had to switch off the online shop in order to manage our stock levels. We placed an order with our UK suppliers who due to COVID19 are currently operating on skeleton staff, still, they have been brilliant, working day and night to turn the product round.


So if you have been trying to buy a box, or subscribe, over the last 3 weeks, please accept our sincerest apologies that you haven’t been able to get hold of Kollo. Now usually a brand wouldn’t divulge such information, but we really do appreciate your support, and we felt that having the store turned off for 3 weeks, that perhaps we owed you an explanation.


So….I am glad to announce that we now have Kollo back in stock and in full constant production. We are fulfilling new sales and subscriptions, and now that we are slowly emerging from lockdown as it was, we don’t anticipate a wait like this again. 


We always thought we had developed a great product, due to the initial research and early decision to only use premium marine collagen that was fully supported with real human clinical studies. This was always important to us as we wanted to create a premium supplement, that would actually deliver real results and not just generic claims.


We have now received hundreds of amazing emails, positive feedback, social posts and 5-star reviews telling us the personal benefits Kollo has given to our customers and that for me and my 2 fellow co-founders,  has really confirmed we really have made an amazing product, created with logic and backed by science.

The future is very exciting with lots of plans to develop the brand but for now - the most important thing is that Kollo is in stock and we are ready for you….




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