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Be good to your gut this Holiday period

by Natasha Whiting

Be good to your gut this Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and we all like to enjoy ourselves during the festive season.

Everyone wants to enjoy Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, the luxurious pudding, cake, mince pies, a little tipple - the festive treats are endless.

But unfortunately, a little overindulgence usually goes hand in hand with strain on the digestive system.

Take care of your digestive system

If the thought of all that food and drink means you can already feel the acid burn of indigestion, then think about being good to your gut this Yuletide with a collagen supplement.

As we age we produce less collagen naturally which means the digestive system can be increasingly sensitive and needs more consideration and care.

How collagen helps aid digestion

Collagen is a structural protein full of amino acids that can help improve digestive health. One of the most common ailments which occur when we overindulge is indigestion which leads to painful heartburn. Collagen can help make sure gastric acids are at the right levels, preventing an excess of acid which leads to heartburn and other painful gastric conditions.

Boosting levels of collagen

Taking a collagen supplement as part of your diet is a simple and effective way to provide relief and support your digestive system during this especially indulgent time of the year.

Kollo daily liquid collagen supplement is excellent for providing the essential amino acids you need to aid collagen production and it also includes added vitamins B1, B5, B6, B12, vitamin C and l-lysine which is crucial for the formation of collagen.

Premium collagen supplement

Kollo is a premium collagen supplement which offers the optimum amount of marine collagen in a sachet. What's more, Kollo is specially formulated for swift absorption. It tastes amazing too so you can enjoy it along with all your other festive foodie treats.

Taken daily for four to six weeks, Kollo premium liquid marine collagen will help maintain a healthy gut and stave off some of the consequences of the excesses of the Christmas holidays.

It’s not too late to start getting your gut in shape for the New Year so visit for more information and to place your order now.

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