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Being a sleeping beauty is good for your health

by Natasha Whiting

Being a sleeping beauty is good for your health

Who doesn’t feel tired and grumpy after a night spent tossing and turning, unable to sleep?

Lack of sleep is a real problem in our modern world with one in three of us suffering from too few zzzs.

Modern-day life

Many people blame the stresses and strains of modern-day life on being unable to rest, relax and restore themselves with a good night’s sleep. Taking work home, not having enough ‘me’ time and overuse of screens are three of the most cited reasons leading to an inability to sleep.

How much sleep do you need?

Around eight hours of good quality sleep is recommended for you to be able to function well. Some people may need a little less or more but while you may be able to get through life with a few nights of interrupted sleep, prolonged lack of sleep can have more serious effects.

Health effects

A good night’s sleep is beneficial to your health but not enough sleep can lead to the risk of health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Also studies have shown that you tend to gain weight if you lose out on sleep.

Can collagen improve your sleep?

Collagen is a structural protein that contains high amounts of glycine which may promote a more restful sleep. It has a calming effect on your brain and also lowers your core body temperature which naturally happens as you approach bedtime.

Lowering of core temperature inhibits muscle action during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep affording you a more peaceful sleep.

Tips for improving sleep

There are a number of things you can do to promote sleep such as:

❤️Follow a strict bedtime routine

❤️Sleep at regular times and try to wake up at the same time each day

❤️Have a warm bath

❤️Write a ‘to do’ list so you don’t stay awake thinking about what you need to do the next day

❤️Read a book

❤️Avoid screens such as smartphones and tablets

❤️Take a collagen supplement

❤️Check out the NHS website for more tips on how to get a good sleep alongside 'How To Sleep Better: 25 Tips from 25 People' by OutwitTrade 

❤️Collagen supplements

Kollo daily liquid collagen supplement provides essential amino acids to aid collagen production which can help you get a restful night’s sleep. It also offers added vitamins B and C. Get more information on Kollo premium liquid marine collagen from

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