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Benefits of collagen supplements for runners

by Natasha Whiting

Benefits of collagen supplements for runners

Collagen is one of the major structural proteins that is found in our skin and various connective tissues. Its major benefits are supporting bone and joint health, as well as nail, skin and hair health. However, as we age, our bodies stop producing as much collagen, meaning we lose the benefits. Don’t panic – collagen supplements can get you right back on track! Here we discuss why collagen supplements may be beneficial for runners in particular:

Recovery and reduced inflammation

Running long distance or at speed can put a major strain on your muscles, meaning they will be left inflamed. With collagen supplements, you can enjoy a quick recovery of connective tissues, which subsequently reduces the inflammation of your muscles. You’ll also be helping to maintain and support the protein content of your muscles, which is integral if you do frequent workouts.

Stronger bones

Any athletic activity puts a strain on your joints and bones, and this continues to be an issue as we get older. Continuously straining your body actually leads to the depletion of collagen, meaning you’re stuck in a difficult cycle. To break it, adding a collagen supplement to your diet will ensure that your joints remain elastic and healthy, which reduces your risk of injuries.

Increased performance

Collagen contains a variety of amino acids, two of which are arginine and glycine. These amino acids lead to the synthesis of creatine, which is known to improve muscle contraction and general performance during short bursts of exercise. This is particularly useful if you’re someone who enjoys running at speed for short periods of time, which can sometimes put more immediate strain on your muscles than going on long-distance runs. If you’re training for something in particular, we recommend adding collagen to your diet at least for the peak training weeks.

Here at Kollo Health, we offer a daily liquid collagen supplement that can efficiently maintain the function of your healthy and active bones and joints. If you’re a runner, why not add some Kollo to your daily smoothie? If you require more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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