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Collagen: the ultimate low-down

by Natasha Whiting

It’s likely you would have heard about the benefits of collagen already, whether that’s for improving your fine lines and wrinkles and slowing down the ageing process to stay young, to other health benefits including healthy hair and healthy nails.

Kollo collagen, or Kollo premium liquid collagen, is a fantastic way to increase your daily collagen intake and ultimately, benefit your daily wellness routine. In fact, there are so many benefits we’ve collated a mini low-down on what you need to know.

An overview

Collagen is a protein found in our bodies naturally. Around 20% of our bodies are made of protein, and within this, collagen is around 30%. It’s something we need daily, and as specified above, the correct intake can come with a lot of health benefits. As we age, the amount we naturally produce decreases, and other factors such as sun exposure have a huge impact on this, too.

Why do we need it

Collagen doesn’t just benefit our looks by preventing the skin from becoming dry and aged, it also plays an important part for our internal organs.

Collagen increases muscle mass, keeps organs and tissues functioning properly, and prevents bone loss and therefore, unwanted joint pain. It also helps improve heart health – the list is endless! As well as ensuring you have plenty of collagen through a daily healthy diet, it pays to add a supplement to your health routine, too. Kollo health is the best collagen supplement for this, as it comes with added vitamins.

Are there different types of collagen?

Yes, there certainly is!

Collagen comes in multiple different types, starting at type I and spanning across around 16 different forms. Kollo Marine Collagen is one specific type of collagen which is produced from fish skins and is famed for its absorption in the body. Kollo Marine Collagen also comes with added vitamins for other health benefits, including vitamin B, vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and vitamin B1.

So there you have it if you’re looking for an easy, safe way to add more collagen to your daily routine (plus, Kollo Liquid Collagen taste is amazing).


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