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Ever had a ‘gut feeling’ about collagen supplements?

by Andrew Harkness

We might not realise how important it is but a well-balanced digestive system and gut health can do so much for the way we feel by reducing our stress levels, improving our mental wellbeing and even increasing our physical health. 

When experiencing inflammation of the gut, high stomach acid levels and a poor digestive system can have a negative impact on the way we look and feel. The way that collagen tries to help this is through its unique properties and amino acids allowing the protein to deliver its many benefits, especially in the way our gut functions. 

Why is our gut function so essential to our health?
Studies have shown how your gut and brain are connected by physical and chemical connections. This is called the gut-brain axis and according to research, your brain affects your gut health and this can also work in reverse with your gut health affecting your brain health. It’s interesting to know that our gut and brain are actually connected through millions of nerves. This cleverly works by our gastrointestinal system (GIS) working as a responsive group of critical digestive organs that communicates with our central nervous system (CNS). 

We’re all familiar with that feeling in our stomach or feeling sick with nerves and getting butterflies in our tummy - well these are the sensations we feel when our brain and gut are communicating with one another. If we experience poor gut health, we may have symptoms like anxiety, depression, weight gain, bloating and even a foggy head which can have a substantial impact on our everyday lives.

Taking a collagen supplement can improve our gut health if we feel we are not getting the right foods in our diet. Especially with our collagen levels decreasing with age, it is important to ensure our body is getting the useful amino acids from collagen for our gut health. With low levels of collagen being produced, it might be a good option to try a supplement to encourage this.

The way in which collagen fits into this is when consuming, is by surrounding itself with water and stomach acid, allowing the gastrointestinal to encourage our body to move and break foods into carbohydrates and proteins. Collagen will also try to repair and heal the intestinal walls and lining in our stomach.

Have you suffered with heartburn? This is such a common and horrible pain we will have all had at some point in our life. Some people suffer with heartburn on a regular basis or even live with stomach ulcers and digestive problems. However, research has shown that collagen can aid and regulate the secretion of gastric juices in order for it to be properly digested and prevent us from experiencing those mentioned above.

If you feel like you need a change in how you’re feeling, or have experienced anything we’ve mentioned and want to try and reduce these problems, maybe it's worth going with ‘your gut’ and trying Kollo liquid marine collagen. 

Ever had a ‘gut feeling’ about collagen supplements?
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