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Fight skin from ageing naturally

by Natasha Whiting

Fight skin from ageing naturally

You don't always need to turn to cosmetic procedures to fight mother nature's plans for your skin. There are other natural ways to control ageing without paying someone to fill it in. If a tired and dull complexion is knocking your confidence, here are some ways to fight ageing skin naturally.

Whether your goal is a perfect complexion, or you want to minimise wrinkles, looking after your body is the best way to keep your skin young.

You are what you eat (and drink)

Let's start from the inside. Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet and drinking less alcohol will help you get that youthful glow. Studies have shown a diet containing lots of sugar can accelerate ageing. Your Friday night glass of chardonnay won't give you wrinkles, but swapping your bottles of alcohol for bottles of water will benefit you more than you may think. Alcohol dehydrates the skin, which over time, damages it.

Be gentle to your skin

When applying and removing products from the skin, be gentle. It's tempting to give it a good scrub when exfoliating, but harsh scrubbing can irritate and damage the surface of the skin. Beauty products with active ingredients, such as vitamin-rich serums, can help repair and nourish skin cells, but be careful not to overuse them as this can lead to irritation.

Use SPF every day

Whether you live in a sunny climate or not, the sun plays a significant role in premature ageing, and tanned skin isn't as desirable when it's wrinkled. Applying SPF every day to skin that's on show will stop it from burning and prevent pigmentation. If you love the look of tanned skin, swap sunbathing for self-tanner and learn to enjoy life in the shade.

Sweat it out

Turn back time and get ready to sweat the years away. Exercise will improve circulation, boost the immune system and reduce stress. Regular exercising doesn't just make you feel younger; it also releases chemicals proven to have anti-ageing results. Your goal should be to do cardio for 30 minutes, five days a week.

Take a collagen supplement

Taking marine collagen has shown to increase skin collagen levels, which deplete as we age. To improve wrinkles and fine lines and boost your skin's hydration and firmness, opt for Kollo marine collagen today. To find out more about the health benefits of marine collagen, contact us today.

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